Monday, June 1, 2015


Thank you so much for transferring that money over to my account! I totally forgot about that until you mentioned it in the email, but I am going to see if I can go without touching that money for a while! I guess that we will see how that goes huh... :D It is super nice because when you are an assistant you get just a little bit more money put on your account just in case you have to go and run some errands and you have to eat on the road. It was super funny when I heard that because me and the financial secretary have a super fun time here in the office and we are always cracking jokes at each other! It is a blast being able to work with some of the senior couples in the mission so often. 

That is super cool about the experience that you were able to have with those parents of the other players on Caleb's baseball team. It is insane how much and what people will talk about behind peoples backs but then when someone stands up they will all just quiet down. I have really come to know that if you are not strong enough to say something out loud to someones face then you probably better think twice about saying it. But it is nice to know that in those situations the Lord will bless you with the ability to say what needs to be said just like you were able to stand up for what you believe!  GOOD JOB MOM!!! :D

I am really considering the whole PT thing now that you said that about what they are doing for Tyler. It has been amazing as a missionary serving in the Leadership that I have had out here to notice how much you can help people help themselves. Sometimes when people have to keep on coming to you with their problems for you to fix them it is not the best way to handle the problem. If you give them instructions on how they can fix their problems then it will help them more in the long term. I guess it is like teaching a man to fish. If you catch a fish for someone then they are fed for a meal, but if you teach the man to fish then he can be fed for the rest of his life. That was a good lesson for me to learn on my mission for sure!!! Thanks for the pointer.

We have been working on transfers all this past week and I think that we have made some really good changes for the mission! I am probably not going to be in the office for my last transfer which will be super fun and it is super fun to already know exactly where I am going... but I will leave that as a surprise for you!!! ;) I am super excited for the last transfer of my mission though because it is going to be in the best area, with the best companion ever! I AM ABSOLUTELY STOKED FOR IT!  I love you tons!!!

Elder Brandon Wallentine

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