Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Hey so you will for sure have to go and ask that missionary what his friends name is because we have 4 Elder Carters in the mission! :) But that is super cool that he knows someone that I probably know super well from serving around him. We have had some more super fun things go on this past week with us and President Toone for sure!!! But I will tell you about all of the crazy adventures this past week.

So we had a super regular and kind of slow first part of the week... It was really good thought because we actually got to go out and teach some awesome people in our area and we actually ended up finding a few new people to teach and also contacted a few people that the members of the ward have been having a super hard time contacting too! :) That was a super awesome way to start off the week. Then to wrap up this past week on Saturday I got to go and pick up Elder May for a baptism that was down in Maricopa of a guy that Elder May, Belnap, and myself all taught while we were down there. He is such a cool guy and his son got baptized while I was still serving there, but his time finally came and he knows that what he has been learning is totally true!!! He bore such a powerful testimony at the end of his baptism and it just confirmed to me that the Lord will for sure prepare people in his time. It was a really good experience to be able to go back for that baptism.

So, then if that isn't crazy enough that I got to go back down to Maricopa, you will not even guess where else we went this week... ;) Soooo... There are like a ton of temples around our mission boundaries and I have so far been to the Mesa Temple, Gilbert Temple, and the Phoenix Temple. What other temples would we be able to go to you might ask? :D So after months of President Toone trying to get us permission to go, and after he pulled a few strings we were able to go to one more temple on Monday that was probably my favorite one of all time! On Sunday after church we drove a van down to Yuma Arizona to have the last of all the training in the mission this transfer. We have really been focusing on the Mormon Battalion and the trails that they went on, and it just so happens that we found a really cool museum that goes over a lot of the stuff that happened to the battalion in San Diego California!!! :) So on Sunday night we stayed in Yuma in a Holiday Inn Hotel, and then Monday morning we got up at about 5:00am and ate breakfast/met up with all of the Yuma missionaries, and we all headed out to go to the San Diego Temple! It was probably one of the coolest  things that I have been able to do since I have been on my mission. It is the most beautiful place that I have ever seen, inside and out. We stayed there for a little while and took some good pictures that I will send to you next week, and then we headed out and went to the museum of the Mormon Battalion where Elder Belnap thinks that he might have met his future wife... ;) JK It was super fun though! We got back today and we are for sure exhausted and ready to get back to working in our area though. It was such a good experience to go to the temple and have a mission President that holds the Temple so sacred that he wants us all to understand what happens there. It is an awesome feeling!

Sorry that the email isn't longer and that you are getting it a day late... We did get permission thought to email you today since we missed out on yesterday though so don't worry! ;) I love you tons!!!

Elder Brandon Wallentine

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