Monday, June 29, 2015


Yeah it was really cool to be able to hang out with Elder Erickson's brother for a few hours. It was cool to hear some of the questions that he had for missionaries who had been out for a while.I also think it is really cool that President Toone has made some exceptions for some missionaries to do some cool things like that! But yeah us for chicken and waffles you should totally go and try them because it is like the best thing ever made.

Oh so as far as my knees go? I got to go and see a doctor and he said that I just have something called runners knees where the grooves just aren't matching up right. He said it's common for teenage girls to have that but apparently missionaries get it too... 😜 but he just gave me a few exercises I can do for my legs so that I can strengthen my muscles around it and he said that my knees should be fine. He said if they don't start getting better after I start doing the exercises that some physical therapy might need to take place. But I think I'll be fine! Oh and make sure that you tell Carin hi for me and make sure she knows that she's in my prayers for the procedures that she's going into. 

This week we had a lot of crazy things happen… But it was cool because we were able to have a lot of discussions with a lot of different people. This weekend especially we went over to a lady's house with one of the priests and asked her about coming to church because she hadn't been in about three months. We talked with her and she said that she might come to church, and then during our first three hours of church we got a Facebook message saying I'm up and it had a picture of her and she was all dressed and ready for church! It was awesome.  We also got to go to a family who is Hawaiian and we realized that we had been knocking on the wrong door for the past three weeks to try to get a hold of them. We went over in the first two days of being in this area and then we kept setting up appointments and for some reason they kept missing them… But I guess it wasn't them missing it. . . it was us being dumb and knocking on the wrong door. 

It was an awesome week and we ended the week on Sunday by giving talks on missionary work! We gave talks as well as a lady who has been baptized recently and our ward mission leader. We actually just got a new ward mission leader whose name is Brother Helgerson and he has a son who I worked with a lot the first time in this area.  He is on his mission in Nampa! So I told him that when I get home I will have to go on splits with his son. The wards are super funny because everywhere we go members are always telling us that we are seasoned missionaries and that we know that what we're doing now… It's kind of funny because we don't really feel like we know how to do anything! But hey I guess we must know little bit after two years right! 😀 I love being back in this area!

Well I love you tons and I can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks! It is crazy to think that here are only 2 more emails after this one! 


Elder Wallentine

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