Monday, June 15, 2015


I am having such a fun time here in the Ahwatukee and Mountain Park wards! It is really cool to go around an area that I have already been in on my mission before and already know a lot of the members and even some of the people who have been taught in the past. I am super tight with the members and they are all super cool still! This is for sure going to be a great place to finish the mission for sure! :) In Elders Quorum yesterday we were introducing ourselves and a lot of the guys were saying when they were going to be moving out of the ward in their introductions. They came around to me and I said, "I am Elder Wallentine, and I will be moving out in 4 weeks." Everybody started to laugh and I don't think that they actually thought that I was being serious! ;D It was pretty funny though! It is so crazy that I have so little time before I am going to be coming home... But don't worry I am definitely excited to come back and see all of you! I have probably been asked if I am getting Trunky more times this week than I have been my entire mission haha. But don't worry I am not trunky yet! haha It is a blast in this ward! Oh and that sounds good to like ease me into accounting and stuff. Just do whatever you think would be the smartest thing to do and I trust you! Thanks mom!

I will for sure be keeping Carin in my prayers. It is hard to think about things like this happening within your own family. I have seen things like this happening to families all around me on my mission, but it seems so much different when it is happening within your family for sure. I know that everything will work out though! Even though this is for sure going to be one of the hardest things in our lives, she will be OK! :D We talked a lot about the Priesthood yesterday in church and it is so awesome to have a testimony of the priesthood and the power that it can bring into our lives. I know that as we call on the powers of heaven she will be OK!

This past week has been super hard for sure... I love my mission and everything a ton! It seems like though that lately in whatever meeting we go to there is always a huge part of it that if focusing more on the negative things that are going on in the mission than the positive. I think that is what has really been getting me down the past few days. Our mission is definitely one of the best missions in the church and one of the most obedient ones for sure! But although there is so much positive to focus on it seems like the few negative things are still being focused on more... That has made this past week super hard for me at least. But I am positive that this week is going to be better!!! We think that the other missionaries in the zone are getting the same feelings that we are so at zone meeting on Tuesday we are going to use it just to focus on the good that is going on and really just get the missionaries happy again! I am excited to bring the Happiness back into the work! I love you tons Mom and thank you for all that you do behind the scenes to make our lives that much easier! 

Elder Brandon Wallentine

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