Monday, June 8, 2015


Ok so you were super close with your guess of Elder May and I being companions again but not quite on the spot! :) But funny thing is that almost happened too! Elder May moved into the office and took over my spot as an AP and I moved out! :) But I am now in the same ward that I already served in in the Ahwatukee area!!! Oh and another super cool thing about this is that my new companion is Elder Cox who I lived with when I was with Elder Bono!!! I am super stoked because even just over the past couple of days this has been one of the coolest transfers of my mission! We have gone by a lot of the people in the area book and they have all been super nice to us. I feel like Elder Cox and I are going to be able to connect with a lot of people these last couple of weeks. It will be awesome!

Last night we were driving back home from a long day of work and we pulled up to this guy with our window in the car down and he said, "Hey do you have any Crack?" So I laughed and said "NO" He apparently thought that he was super funny because then he started to laugh and then turned to me and said, "Sorry, bad joke... but don't worry we are Christians and we believe in Jesus and all of that stuff..." It was a super awkward encounter so then I was super happy when the stop light turned green and we were able to book it out of there! It is funny what people will say to you on the streets! haha But other than that all of the ward members remember me and It is super fun to be able to see all of my friends from the ward again! I am super excited to be able to work around of of these guys again and strengthen the relationship that I have had in this ward even more! IT WILL BE AWESOME!!! :)

Love you tons!

Elder Brandon Wallentine

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