Monday, March 2, 2015


Transfer calls are coming up next week so Elder May and I are on the edge of our seats... It would be insane if both of us stayed together for one more transfer because that would make 6 months! One can hope right? :)

Thank you for sharing that with me! I think it is always super scary when people find out that their kids have gone away from what they know to be true. Especially when you as the parents know that it is the right path that they are on. But it is awesome that we can always have the hope that if they are truly seeking truth and wanting to know what they are supposed to be doing, the Holy Ghost will always lead them back to the path that they should be on. It is amazing how the Lord works with some people. Sometimes we have to hit the very bottom before we can really see the light at the top. :D

This past week was AMAZING! As a zone we have been trying sooo hard to find more people to teach and this past week we had some miracles happen! :) There were 3 people who got baptized this past week and two of them are boys that Elder May and I taught! They are some of the coolest kids ever and they are always wanting to come and play some basketball and stuff with us on our P Days. They are super cool and I am super excited to see how they do in the future! But also as a zone we taught so many people this week! At the very beginning of the transfer the zone was teaching in between 40-50 lessons a week which is still pretty good. But this past week we taught 91!!! That was the highest in the mission for any of the zones! It always feels so good when we are able to go out and actually find people to share the gospel with! :) Its awesome! 

Well, hey, you will also be happy to know that we got our bed bugs all taken care of today so we are going to be doing a ton of laundry for the rest of the day... WOOOOO! I love you tons and can't wait for this upcoming week! :)

Love you tons,
Elder Wallentine

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