Monday, March 30, 2015


Thanks for the awesome birthday wishes and packages Mom! :) I just got the calendar as I was sitting here in the office emailing and all of my companions got to see all of the pictures of the family. That is a really cool calendar and I was super excited to see how much everyone has changed! That is crazy how old Tyler is getting now... He is going to be out here on a mission before we know it. He will have a blast! :) I think that it is really cool that he is getting so involved in leadership while he is back home. That will really help him prepare for the assignments that will come to him on his mission.

Oh, and working in the office is a ton different than being a Zone Leader for sure... But it is super awesome to have the opportunity to just talk to President Toone almost whenever you want to. President has become one of my favorite people in the whole world since I have come out on my mission and I learn more about him every time that we talk to him. The other day we were talking in his office and he brought up how his whole family is super big on "March Madness" the basketball tournament, and one of the fun traditions that they have every year with it. They all make their own brackets for who is going to win, and then whoever in their family loses the bracket first has to pay for the winner to get his name engraved on a plaque that they then hang in their home! :) It sounded like a super fun tradition for sure! But another thing that is a little bit different is now we are in charge of getting missionaries to the airport and bringing missionaries back to the mission now. We are going to be making 2 trips to the airport this week which will be interesting... but other than that the work in the office is starting to calm down now that we are like mid transfer so that is nice. We are able to get out and work in our area a lot more now. 

I had a really cool experience while I was talking to Elder Fuhriman the other day though. We were driving to one of the church buildings to pick up some baptismal suits for one of the trainings that we were doing, and we were just talking in the car about some people that we could help. While we were talking we got onto the subject of how throughout our mission we were able to overcome some of the hard times that have come up. I could not think of anything other than the fact that I had made a decision that when I came on a mission I would NOT go back until my time was through! It is amazing how much one decision can help you overcome so many trials. I'm still here and have 4 months left!!! :D It is so cool to look back and see that I have made it this far, but I am also trying to look forward and see where I want to be. That is super important!

Thank you so much for going and trying to get that all figured out with my BYU Idaho stuff! You're the best mom ever for helping me out with that when you have already had to deal with me for 20 years. Your the BEST! :) Also.... HAPPY 28TH ANNIVERSARY!!! I am super glad that you all had a fun day together and got to spend some time away from all of the kids! Even though Dad has a bad knee now I am sure that you both still had a blast. Hopefully, we can get that all figured out on how we can help dad though... That is super not good to have to deal with a bad knee. It will all work out though!!! I look forward to everything that is going to be happening here in the future and can't wait to see everyone again soon! Love you all tons!!! :)

Elder Brandon Wallentine

P.S. I realized that I have not sent you a picture in a few weeks so here is one! This is right after the Training that we gave at the Missionary Leadership Council. I got to use some of Grandpa Decker's object lessons in the training and it was super cool. I used the one with the egg and the food coloring, and the HABIT one where you write HABIT up on the board. It was awesome!!! OH and cool story on the ties... We all got matching ties for the training but obviously a regular size tie will not fit President Toone. So we bought two of the same tie and had one of the members customize the tie to his size so that it fit perfectly! IT WAS AWESOME! :D

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