Monday, February 23, 2015


It has been really cool to have Facebook on my mission because now I am able to go and reach out to the people that we know who are struggling as well as the people that live here in Arizona. It is pretty cool to know that we can do that now! If there is a way that I can help out with anyone you know, let me know and we will set up something where I can Skype soon! I am currently going to be skyping with one of my friends really soon to catch up, and see how everything in life is going! I am super excited for that! :) 

Oh so about going to the temple with that lady from Maryvale... President Toone tried to get permission for me to go from Salt Lake and they said that since it is outside of our mission boundaries I can't go. :( That was super sad. I was really hoping that I would be able to go but I know that it will still be an awesome experience for her when she goes through the temple for the first time! :) I sent her a little Facebook message and she is super excited to go. It will be awesome! :) 

This past week was a really good week because we were able to teach more people this week than we have taught in the 4 months that I have been here in this area with Elder May! The people that we are teaching right now are all super cool and we have a lot of cool baptisms coming up in the near future!!! :D I am really excited because it seems like we have known these people for such a long time and we just know them so well. It will be amazing to see them enter into the waters of baptism soon! One super cool thing that we did this week again though is we got to go and play some more basketball with a young man who is like 14 years old, and we brought one of the Priests in the ward over to play also. I was on the 14 year old's team and we DEMOLISHED!!! We won 4 times in a row which was super fun! I am going to be so good at basketball by the time that I get home! 

But enough about sports and stuff. Back to the stuff that really matters... I am still loving my mission and I was thinking and talking to Elder May the other day and I realized that I have never just been like a regular missionary... ;) It was super funny to think about. I have now been a ZL for like 7 1/2 months which is super weird to think about. I can't wait til I can just be a normal missionary, or be a trainer again. I hope that I get to do that again before I come home. I love training new missionaries!!! But I guess we will see if that is what President Toone wants from me or not! ;P I just got an email from Brenden (Elder Elwood) and he was talking about how crazy it is that I go home in like 4 1/2 months already... I imagine by this time his trainer is giving him all the new "greenie" jokes about still having like 21 months left on his mission. That was always so annoying for the first little while! But he sounds like he is doing good work and killin it in Argentina!!! I am so glad that he went out on a mission!

Love you tons! Tell everybody hi for me and that I love them all! :)

Elder Brandon Wallentine

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