Monday, March 9, 2015


Mom this could be a super frustrating week for sure because we are not going to know transfer stuff until Tuesday or Wednesday night and then transfers are on Thursday. It is going to be super weird waiting for the call... But it's all good since Elder May and I are totally going to be roommates in college! :) But, yeah the picture was totally set up! One of the missionaries that we live with took the picture and then sent it home so that like his aunt or someone could edit it and put a cool little saying on it. You might say that we are some of the best looking Elders in the entire world haha! 

But yeah it was a relief that we were able to get rid of those bed bugs... The guy had to come in our home and spray all of these chemicals all over the place twice... It was super lame... But now we are super happy that they are gone for good! :D But hey that is super cool that you all got to go to that RS meeting! It really does give you a lot of confidence that the Spirit will take over and relay the message to the people that you are talking too. It takes some pressure off, but then we obviously have to be worthy for the companionship of the Holy Ghost!

Thanks for sharing that cool story about Sister Dew and the girl. I think it is always super cool to know that no matter what we say, if we are inviting the Spirit into the homes of the people that we are teaching, the Spirit will make things known to them so simply. We are teaching a guy right now that is struggling to feel the Spirit when he comes to church. That is a different concern for me because usually when people come to church they DO feel the Spirit. But there is always something more that we can do to help others feel the same Spirit that we can feel every week! I am super excited for him. But this past week was the best week for our companionship for sure!!! We taught even more people this week than we have taught the other weeks we have been together... and that's a long time. We have now been together for 3 transfers and we are both super worried that we are going to get transferred... We will see. :/

I hope that everything goes well with Tyler's election! He sounds like he is working super hard at that so I hope that everything turns out well for him. He is awesome!!! I am going to need to hang out with that kid more when I get home so let him know that we are going to go and find some crazy things to do around Idaho! :) It will be a blast!!! Oh, and tell Caleb to let me know how his PACE project went! I remember when I had to do that in 5th grade. But then I got to skip the 8th grade one because we were in Belgium! That was awesome!!!

Love you tons Mom!

Elder Brandon Wallentine

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