Monday, March 23, 2015


President Toone said that they did continue with the tradition for March Madness this year, too, even though they are serving! So I guess we will see who wins the contest! It should be exciting. I can't wait until I can carry on the traditions that we had back home, and also make some new ones with my future family! It's so awesome!

That is really cool about Elder Bednar and President Hinckley though. I have heard President Hinckley's story so many times and it is amazing how much of an effect that can have on people. I never want to be one of those guys that starts something and does not finish it. Once I started football I finished all 4 years, now that I am on my mission I will finish both 2 years, and when I get married I am going to finish in the eternities! ;) It is all about attitude. 

We talked to a guy this past week that has allowed other people's decisions to change his life forever. He was a convert to the church, and he was super involved in the scouting program for a while. But a bishop made a bad call concerning him and someone that he invited to church, and then instead of talking to the bishop about it and addressing the problem he decided to leave the church forever... He then began to tell us that because of the bishop, all of his kids and their kids are not in the church anymore. But, obviously it was ALL THE BISHOPS FAULT... at least according to him. People do not understand the principle of agency for sure. It was super sad. But I want to be one that acts, and is not acted upon! :D 

Thanks again for all of the birthday stuff that you sent me! I showed the littler Nerf guns to President Toone, and we were joking around and he said, "Hey, we can use that on transfer night and call it the revelator!" So for the transfer board and stuff when we are finding out where to put people we will just take the gun and shoot it at the board to find out where they need to go! It was super funny to have that conversation with president Toone! We have some funny things happen when we get the time to talk to President Toone!!!

Love you tons,
Elder Brandon Wallentine

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