Monday, March 31, 2014

Hello Everyone!!

It is super awesome to hear from you! I always look forward to the time on Mondays that I am able to come and get on the computer and email all of you guys! I enjoy it! :) It is kinda funny because while I am teaching people on Facebook it always seems to come up where they ask "What is a mission like?" People get really caught off guard when I tell them that we get to talk to our family only once a week on email and then get to call/skype you guys 2 times a year. It is really crazy to see their responses just because they are not used to having to do that. It is well worth it though. Although it is super hard not to have family here with you at all times it is only for 2 years, so I can handle it! :)

I think I remember the lady I taught in Maryvale.  I am so happy that I was able to be such an instrument in the Lords hands to be able to touch some people's lives over there in Maryvale. I think that was a super good place for me to be able to start off my mission because the people over there are so friendly and easy to talk to. Even though there are always those people on the street that are not so friendly and nice. But I have gotten used to that I think by now! 

That is a bummer that Caleb isn't feeling too good. :( Make sure to tell him that if he doesn't get better than I will have to kick him or something! ;) (just kidding but he seriously does need to get better) Hopefully it will continue to go away so that Caleb will start to feel better again. I remember that it always seemed to be that when spring break would finally come around I would end up getting sick and not being able to do anything. That would always make me a little bit upset. But hey I got through the spring break in Arizona! Now we are bringing on the real heat soon! That will be super fun!

This week we had a really cool experience with some of the people that we are teaching! We did not teach a ton of lessons, but we met some people who we will be teaching on Saturday.  We went over the Book of Mormon with one of the guys! I was with a member of the bishopric and Elder Roberts was with one of the Ward Missionaries! It was super cool! The person I met is so open and he is just one of the most friendly guys that I think I have run into on my mission so far! We went in and talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and by the end he was super excited to just jump right into the book and read it! :) He said that he was going to bring it to work with him since he was working the graveyard shift that night! It was such a good testimony builder to me that the Book of Mormon is truly the word of god and that it is here to help guide us through our lives today even though the things in it took place long ago! :) It was AWESOME!!! :) 

There was also a missionary that is heading out of the ward that I am currently serving in that is going to Nampa Idaho! He leaves this coming Wednesday and he spoke on Sunday. It was super cool and I made sure to give him some of the ties that I have now accumulated on my mission so far to take with him to Idaho! He is for sure one of the many friends that I have made while I have been out here and I made sure that I gave him my email so that we can keep in contact! He is super awesome and will be a great missionary! So if any of you meet an Elder Garrett Halverson make sure to tell him that Elder Brandon Wallentine says hi!!! 

Anyways thank you for writing me and I will be sure to keep you guys up to date on everything that is going on here in Az! :)

Love you all tons!
Elder Wallentine

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