Monday, March 3, 2014

Hello Everyone!!! 
So this week was another really good week! I am fully recovered from the little accident I had the other week and have no pain at all anymore which is awesome! We had a good week with teaching too! We taught about 20 lessons this last week and it is really fun for me to be getting on Facebook and finding my friends that have never heard of what I am doing out here on my mission! It is just a huge testament to me that the work is hastening and everybody will now have the chance to be able to hear the gospel. Whether they accept it is their choice and that is where the agency that God gives us comes into play! But, it is still really cool because most of my friends in Belgium have never even seen a missionary out on the road biking around so then I am able to kind of tell them what we do and if they want that they can even meet the missionaries over in Belgium by going onto! Crazy how high-tech the church is now. Its pretty fun! :)
Yesterday we had transfer calls come in and I was telling everybody that I wanted to be a trainer again because I love it! :) So it was killing me all day to know what was going to happen as most transfer call days do. But then I got a call from who I thought were the assistants because it popped up as "Oscarmier" on the phone. One of the assistants is my first zone leader in the mission so we are really good friends and the other one is just a crazy cool guy too! :) So I picked up the phone and said, "WHATS UP!" Then I heard President Toone laughing which was super funny. I realized that I was talking to him and not the assistants, but I love him too! :) President Toone is probably the best mission president in the whole world! He then said, "Elder Wallentine, I have Sister Toone, and the assistants here with me and we would like to call you to be a trainer!" I said, "Yes!!!" Then he said, "Will you accept that?" and I said, "YES IT WAS MY LIFE LONG DREAM!" So I am going to be training a new missionary again this next transfer which I am super stoked about! :) I have only had 1 transfer so far where I was not training or being trained! Crazy!!! :) So I am staying in my area and my companion is being transferred out to somewhere else.
We also had a cool experience at another mission president devotional. We went with JB and it was a super cool one even though President Toone wasn't able to attend due to transfer calls and stuff. But it was a super cool experience and to be able to be there again with him and also to see all of the non-members that attended. You can just tell that all of them felt the spirit as they were in that chapel together! Its awesome! :)
Anyways that is about it and I will send you guys a picture of me and my new companion once he gets here! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLER!!! Now go find a girl and go on a date! (group date of course) ;)
Love you all tons!!!
Elder Wallentine

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