Monday, March 10, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!

I was super happy to be able to attend the dedication of the temple. Although we didn't have another dedication this week, church was amazing yesterday! They talked a ton on Faith and Repentance! We had ward conference and we were supposed to get a new bishop, but then the stake president got stuck out of town and so he could not be there. They are now waiting another 2 weeks before they put the new bishop in place. It was really funny because everybody has been asking us if we have the inside scoop on who the new bishop is going to be. hahaha I never thought that I would be asked that but I guess the mission never fails to surprise me! :)

So after sacrament meeting me and my companion Elder Roberts taught the Gospel Principals class because the teacher wasn't there. We got a text on Saturday night that we might be having to teach so we were at least prepared. But, we got to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ! Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. As we were teaching it took a turn and we started to talk about how we can tell that we are truly converted and how do we check our spiritual fuel level? We talked about it for quite a while and then a story popped in my head that President Gordon B. Hinckley talked about in a general conference about promptings of the Holy Ghost. It was the story about a father and a son who lived on a farm and the son was outside riding his horse around the pasture. The dad was sitting inside reading his newspaper. Then the father got a prompting that he needed to go run outside. So, he put his newspaper down and quickly ran outside to see that there was a horse that was going crazy running around out in the pasture. He ran over and stopped the horse and to his surprise he found his son who had fallen off of the horse and whose foot got stuck in the saddle. He was just hanging on the side of the horse while it was running around and could have been seriously injured and even killed if the dad had not received that prompting and followed it. It was a huge testimony to me that when we are feeling the spirit and when we are able to get those kind of promptings then it tells us that we are being worthy of the Spirit's presence in our lives! I love that story! :)

This last week was super awesome! :) We had a ton of opportunities to serve others and were able to help 3 families move. I love to do that kind of service for others because now that I am out here I am so used to just sitting and having discussions with people which I still love and could never not love it! But, it is really nice to actually do something where we are still serving and we are able to move around while doing it! :) I should basically be a professional mover when I get back home! ;) Also this week we got a phone call from President Toone, and Elder Roberts got his Visa to go out to India! It happened a lot sooner than what they were expecting! They thought that it would take up to a year for them to get the Visa, but it only took a couple of weeks so he will be leaving to India at the end of the transfer which means a new companion for me again! haha It is really fun to be able to meet all of these new people that are from all over the world and it is awesome that I am able to make some new friends! 

Today for P-Day we are having a district activity and I have now been called to be the activity planning guy for the district, because obviously I am the one that knows how to have fun in the mission field while still being EXACTLY OBEDIENT! It is going to be super fun and we are going to play something called chair soccer! It is a really fun game where every person playing sets up a chair and then they have to guard their own chair while also trying to hit the other people's chair with a soccer ball. If your chair gets hit then you have to sit down and then try to grab the ball with your hands and throw it at another person's chair to get back in! :) It is a blast and we played it a ton in my first 6 weeks in the mission field! 

Hmmmm... as for birthday stuff I am not really sure. But basically anything that you guys want to send me I will be super happy with! I just love getting packages in general so I will not be complaining at all! :) Thanks a ton Mommy! I don't know what I would do without you and also the rest of the family!!!

Elder Wallentine

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