Monday, March 24, 2014

Hello Everyone,

Thanks a ton for the packages that you guys sent over here for me! It was really nice to be able to have that for my birthday and it got here just in time too! :) That was awesome! Oh, I do remember someone that always came to seminary who wasn't a member because she wasn't allowed to be baptized! She would always bare her testimony in seminary, and in those cool little seminary conferences about how she knows that the church is true and how she could not wait to finally be able to be baptized! :) That was always really cool to be able to hear from her! That sounds like it was a really good stake conference! That is also super crazy that both Brenden and Riley are both going to be Elders and I am so happy that they are getting ready and preparing to come out on their missions! :) That is always so exciting to hear about my friends back home. 

So when is the Trek that you guys are preparing for? Are Tyler and Emily going on it? That will be a blast!  

So, yesterday for my birthday I was able to have a little bit of fun! :) Of course we went to church in the morning, and it was awesome because it was ward conference! Our bishop got released and we got a new one! The new bishop was the 1st counselor in the bishopric before and he is a super cool guy and I am really looking forward to working more closely with him! :) We had a really cool lesson in Sunday School that was given by the Stake Presidency and it was on temples! They did like a Q & A on how the feelings in the temple were for the youth that participated in the Cultural Celebration and also how the people felt as they were able to go through the temple for the open house a little bit before that! It was really cool because a bunch of just these little primary kids got up and said how they felt and one girl said, "HAPPY!" I think that is a huge part of the plan that God has for us! He wants us all to be happy, and that is one thing that I am really trying to focus on in the mission! When I am happy I have found that more people listen to me. When I am not, then no matter what, there will always, every day, be someone who will do something rude to us and it is really easy to get down on yourself if you do not laugh it off and stay HAPPY! :) Happiness is basically the key to life I think! 

Then after church we went back and did some studies and did our training for the day, and got out to work! Dinner was super good and we had it at a members house! They have a little boy and a 15 month old girl as well and they were super funny to be able to have there! They were running around playing with the trains and cars that were sitting right behind us and it was awesome! :) We also had a really good week with finding some people for us to teach! We went out tracting one night because we had already visited the other people in a complex. We tracted into 3 families who are all super willing to have us in their homes and we have set up lessons with all 3 of them! :) They are super awesome and all super friendly people! :) Oh and I of course was able to make an AWESOME BIRTHDAY CAKE! :D It was the best even though it wasn't quite as good as the cakes that you usually make for us on our birthdays! :) But it was pretty good! Thank you for all of the goodies and also all of the ties that you sent me they were awesome! :) I love you Mom, Dad, Jason, Katie, Izzy, Ryan, Ashley, Brandon (Bob), Collette, Tyler, Emily, and Caleb! You guys are the bomb and I could definitely not ask for any family that is better for me than you guys! 

Elder Brandon Wallentine

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