Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hello Everybody!!

That is exciting about Riley getting called to the Houston Texas mission! That is super funny because that is where my trainer is from and it sounds like a really fun place to serve! It sounds like it is pretty similar to Maryvale in some parts, but it sounds like a blast! :) I was so excited to hear that!
I have been really thinking about what I can do to improve myself as a missionary. President Toone messaged all of us and challenged us to read the entire book of Mormon in 9 weeks. I am totally going to do it! :) Right now I am in Mosiah where Isaiah is prophesying the atonement and how Jesus Christ is going to be the one who is going to carry our burdens and He is going to be mocked and beaten. It is another reminder of what the power of the priesthood can really do in seeing things that are to come! This weekend we got to go up to the stake center and watch the cultural celebration! :) It was so cool to see when the prophet got out in the front of everybody, they all shouted like he was a big rock star! It was really cool and reminded me of whe I was able to participate in those celebrations for the Boise temple just a little bit before I left on my mission! It was such a good experience and I felt so bad for those youth who chose not to participate because I knew what they were missing out on. It was a really cool thing though and you guys should watch it on Youtube! :)
Then it was even better because early last week the zone leaders had told us that we were not going to be able to watch the celebration.:( But then they told us on Friday that we were able to watch it! :) I was so excited!  We got to go with one of our investigators and then also with JB! It was a really cool experience! Then we had another super crazy spiritual experience at the Temple Dedication on Sunday morning! We got there right when it started and they did the Cornerstone where the prophet and Henrey B. Eyring and some others got to place the mud around the stone so that they finished the construction process! It was super cool! :) President Monson is just such a cool and loving guy. He could not help just saying hi to everyone that waved to him and shaking all of the kids hands! He even invited 2 little boys and 2 little girls up to help put the mud on the stone! It was the best thing ever! Then the actual dedication was just amazing listening to the speakers and listening to the choir. It was a really good experience! :)
Oh and my Trainee is probably one of the best companions I could ever have! He is from Wisconsin and is waiting for his Visa to go to India.  He doesn’t know how long it will take to get it, so he is serving here until then.  In the mean time, I am his trainer and so far in the mission I have 2 sons (Trainees), 1 step son (2nd half trainee), and 2 grandsons (My Trainees Trainees)! :) My posterity is like that of Abraham’s seed! It is super cool! Well thanks a ton for everything and I love you guys a ton! I have still been teaching some people on Facebook and if any of you guys have someone that is interested, then add me to the conversation and we can teach them together! :) This will be the best transfer of the mission! :)
Love you all!
Elder Wallentine

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