Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hey Everybody!

 JB's baptism was for sure one of the highlights of this last transfer! I will remember that day and the time that we have taught him for the rest of my life! I totally agree with you when you said that you felt like you were more in tune with the Spirit when you bring non-member friends with you to the temple open house and to church and stuff. It is so true! If you can feel the Spirit now, then if you actually get out there and begin to do missionary work then it just enhances that feeling by 200% easily! :) It is so awesome and that is one thing that I have come to know as I have been out here in the mission field!

As for contact with JB now, the ward takes over most of it, but we still go over there every once and a while just to check up on him and share a message really fast. He can come with us to lessons and stuff now so that is super cool. Last Monday he took me and Elder Watters to Dillards! They had an amazing sale over there! Everything in the store was 65% off with another 50% off of that price! So I bought a pretty cool tie that was priced $60 but got it for $10! It was awesome! 

With the new members though such as JB it is for sure a huge culture shock at first! Our mission president talked about it at the beginning of my mission and the Zone Leaders talk about it a ton! WHICH PROBABLY MEANS IT IS IMPORTANT! But they compared it to if you were to go to a party that you didn't know anybody, and nobody talked to you. If that happened you obviously would not feel very comfortable staying. I would just walk out of the party just as some people walk out of the church because they are not used to that feeling. That is why it is so important for the members of the ward to make sure they stay involved and make sure that those people who come do not feel left out or like they are strangers there. I did not even notice in the ward back home if there was a non-member there, which is kind of sad that I was not in that mind set back home of making sure that everyone is comfortable. But I guess that is one thing  that I will need to make sure that I take home from my mission! 
Oh man the mission is going so good right now for me!!! :) This week was probably the best week in the transfer so far! We had tons of lessons and taught so many people that it was keeping us way busy! It was amazing! It really helps when you have these experiences together of teaching Gods children that are here ready to learn! Pretty cool! I have also been learning how to better serve him. I definitely think it is the little things that help the most.  I have learned some things that have helped our companionship, too.  Every once and a while I will do his dishes for him, and last night I cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed, and I even cleaned the bathroom--which anybody in their right mind would say that I was crazy for even touching a bathroom that had only been used by 18 and 19 year old boys! hahaha  But I got through it! :) 

Anyways it was so awesome to hear from ya and I am so happy that you shared those experiences and stories with me. I think that is exactly what I need to do and work on with my companion as well! :) Thanks Again!

Love you all,
Elder Brandon Wallentine

P.S These pictures are just from a few weeks ago.

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