Monday, January 13, 2014

Hello Everybody!!!

So this week was a pretty good week and it was for sure a busier week for us than the other weeks have been. Transfer calls were last night and we were almost positive that one of us would be transferred out but it seems that both of us are staying for at least another transfer. This will be the very first transfer that I am not being trained or training which will be a little bit weird. I really liked training and was kinda hoping that I would still be training again :) 

We continued to go over to that guy's house that we have been teaching, and he is doing amazing and growing more and more every single day! It was awesome because we got him interviewed and set up his baptismal program this last week.  He said that he wants me to speak at it and baptize him. :) I am super excited, especially because this is someone that I have been working with this entire transfer! He's awesome! 

We also had another really cool experience this week.  I was on exchanges leading out my area with the district leader and we were going around to some apartment complexes looking for some of the less-active families that live around there.  As we were walking back to the car, I heard someone yell, "HEY ARE YOU GUYS MORMONS?"  So I turned around and said, "YEAH WE ARE!"  So, she told us to come over. They told us that they have been looking for a church to attend.  They had been going to another church, but her boyfriend is a member of the Mormon church but just less-active. So we talked to them then and every day since then. They were able to make it to church yesterday and me and a member went and picked them up! It was a super cool experience and it was an awesome day yesterday!

So that meeting that we had on Saturday where Elder Holland was going to show up and talk to us and the two other missions still happened, but Elder Holland wasn't able to make it because he got called to be on another assignment that day.  Instead, we had Elder Wright from the Seventy come and talk to us as well as his wife and the three mission presidents and their wives! It was really cool because I also got to go and see Elder Erikson and Elder May again which was super fun! Me and Elder May have our futures all planned out already. We are both going to go to BYU-I, work on a potato farm, and then live in Idaho for the rest of our lives and be the classic Mormon friends that met on the mission! Its going to be awesome! :)  It is so much fun when we get together as a mission though! I love it! 

I am for sure getting way less homesick than I thought I would out here on the mission though! Every once in a while I get a tiny bit homesick, but when we are busy (which is all of the time) it is a ton easier to keep that off of my mind.  Anyways, thank you so much for all of the stuff that you guys do for me and all that you have done for me! 

Elder Wallentine

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