Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dear Friends and Family!!!
Christmas was awesome being able to talk to all of you guys and to see your faces again! Isn't it weird that it has almost been 6 months since I left home for the MTC? Time has flown by. Oh and by the way, if I email home in a few weeks saying that I've gained a ton of weight--that is all thanks to you guys giving me all the candy and good food for Christmas! Luckily I have been able to make them last a week so far, so I am doing good, but I am sure that I will cave in one of these days and eat them all! :)

That is kinda cool that Emily was able to give a talk on Obedience yesterday after having that experience happen to her so recently. It really helps when you are teaching people to have an experience that can go along with and kind of help you relate to the other people that you are trying to teach. My companion and I taught the lesson in Young Women yesterday at church about standing as a witness. We used a talk from 2008 and an object lesson about being in the world but not of the world. It was really cool for me because we talked about how 2 of the biggest ways that people view us is through our language and the way that we dress. So, with the language I was able to share an experience about football and how my teammates were trying to get me to swear! I'm not sure I ever even told you guys about that and what all happened.  But, that was a really good experience for me!  It was helpful to have an experience like that to share, plus I brought suckers for all of the young women, so it made it all the better! ;)

Other than that this week has been pretty busy and we were able to teach that super awesome guy again this week and he came to church with us! That was awesome! We went over to his house last night and we have been reading from the Book of Mormon with him.  We read 1 Nephi 8 and I drew out Lehi's vision and shared with him what all of it meant and it was a super awesome lesson! Not to mention he told me to sign the picture and that he is going to hang it up on his wall! hahaha MY ART IS FAMOUS!!! :)

But, yeah it was a good week and I look forward to another awesome week in the mission field! I love you guys tons and don't worry. . . I am safe here, especially now that I got my new guard dog! Oh, and I got Avengers Socks!!!
Elder Wallentine

Oh and by the way, the lamp in the picture is what I used as my own personal Christmas tree this year! hahaha


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