Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!

Hey, thank you so much again for all of the treats!  It is lasting me quite a while, so it is awesome! Me and my companion got moved again this last week, so now we live on the other side of our area!  I also received a little package of letters from the primary the other day! That was so fun for me to read the little notes that Caleb and the other kids put inside of it! I didn't even realize that some of those kids would even remember me! haha 

That is really cool about the ward fast you had for missionary opportunities because that is something that we are trying to work on right now as well--finding people to teach! We are still teaching the guy that we have been visiting for a while and he is so awesome! I cannot wait for his baptism and it is exciting me so much! He is so awesome! Last night when we went over there he told us that he's noticed that ever since we have been coming over, it has changed him.  He didn't think he was selfish, but he realized that now he is putting other people's needs before his.  Even in little things like cutting someone off in the parking lot of a store.  It is really cool for me to  see how people become better once the gospel of Jesus Christ is in their lives! It is such a blessing to have people like that in your life to make everything else worth while! 

This week I was thinking about things I miss about home--my family and friends, and wearing my basketball shorts and t-shirts every day.  But there is nothing better than being here right now!  It is awesome! Our church schedule got changed to 9 o'clock so we have some early meetings which gets us up and ready really quick! :) The members here in the ward are super nice and we went over and visited some of them this past week.  We walked into one and they gave us some apple pie, ice cream, and ice cold water! It was awesome!  Then we went to Ross today, and I found this nerf gun which is really fun since the whole zone basically has them so we can have giant nerf wars! 

There are not as many stories for me to tell like I had from Maryvale! Everybody here in Ahwatukee calls Maryvale Scary-ville! Hahahah It is so funny! I love it!!! Well, I love you guys and I will tell you guys how this next week goes! I am doing a training to the zone tomorrow and then on Saturday, Elder Holland is coming and he is going to speak to all of the Arizona Missions! So that will be super fun!!  I am super stoked! Have a FANTASTIC week parental units and family!!! Oh and everybody else that read this!!!

Elder Wallentine

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