Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mommy! And everybody else!!!
Hey, so I was able to come over to the bishop's house with my companion today.  They had us over for breakfast and now we are writing emails and letters at their house until we have to go shopping. That is a relief that we were able to come and write to you guys! 

I was in my first big dust storm this week and that was a crazy experience. We were talking to this guy in an apartment complex and we talked to him for a half hour.  He offered me and my comp some weed, and said that he has strippers in his apartment. GROSS!!! That was a super weird conversation and soon turned into a talk about the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom.  I'm not really sure what he was thinking when we were telling him all of these things. But, anyways we ended up praying with him and as soon as we said amen the dust storm hit us.  We had to ride our bikes about a mile and a half home in the dust storm because they don't want us being out in them. Of course it had to start to rain when we were on our way back too! hahahah

Something Amazing happened this week though. The zone leaders talked to us and we get to use Facebook for missionary work starting tomorrow. I am going to be able to use my home Facebook account and I can now teach people all over the world on Skype. The best part is that I could get one of you or some of my friends to teach investigators over Skype with me kinda like my companion. That will be super awesome, and I am way excited. It will be super weird being able to be back on Facebook, though since I haven't been on for a month and a half. CRAZY!!!

Hey, well good job on the running and also that is awesome that Tyler was able to do so good in his meet. That is ridiculous that he might have qualified for that race. GOOD LUCK TYLER!!! Well, make sure that you guys stay safe over there in Idaho. I am trying to stay safe here in Arizona and not get shot or anything and it is working out pretty good!!!! Well, I have to go and I can't wait to get your letters and stuff in the mail. I will be waiting for it!!!!
I love you all a ton,
Elder Wallentine

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