Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mommy and Other people!!!
This week has been super crazy and also kinda mellow at the same time.  It was really weird. We went on exchanges on Thursday.  I went to another part of Phoenix and my companion stayed in Maryvale, but my area was super cool! We were going around trying to find some people to teach and didn't have much success, but then when we found someone that was home we were able to talk to them for a little while and it was an awesome experience! Remember when I was getting my blessing by the stake president and he said that I would be looked at as a father figure to some of the kids on my mission? Well, this little five year old girl was at the lesson and her father left her and her mother. During the prayer she wanted to say it and I had been playing water guns with her had talking to her and stuff and during the prayer she said, "I wish these guys were my dad!" She repeated that several times and it was an awesome experience to me. It was cool to know that the stake president really can receive revelation to what is going to happen and how we can help others. Super Cool!!!

Other than that this week was super mellow and stuff until I woke up this morning and got a phone call!!! So we were supposed to get transfer news last night, but it was running late so they called us about it this morning and it was awesome! My companion answered the phone and said, "Hey President Toone" hahaha then he began to talk and after he was finished he talked to me and asked me if I would accept the call to be a new missionary trainer on Wednesday! :) Wow!!! As soon as I heard those words I just like went into shock because I have only been out here for like six weeks! But I know that my Mission President received revelation to call me and I accepted. Instantly Nephi popped into my head when he said, "I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the lord giveth no commandment unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commanded them." Super powerful moment in my mission so far and I am super excited to be able to share all that I have learned with others!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISABELLE!!! I wish that I could see her and give her a huge hug! I am sure that all of you guys had a blast and I was so happy when i got all of the letters in the mail from all of you guys! It is always so fun to be able to read letters! It is awesome that Collette can say my name now as Caleb told me! That is super exciting! Well it is awesome to hear all of your stories and make sure to tell Caitlyn congratulations on the wedding for me! That is super crazy that she is married!

Well before I go I need to tell you what I made for dinner for myself last night!!! So I was feeling super imaginative so I decided that I was going to attempt to make a milkshake. I had a plum, a tangerine, and milk. When I mixed it all together it didn't have much flavor so I decided to go searching for more items to put into it. We had no more fruit so I improvised a tad. I found some strawberry jam, and a strawberry pop tart and then some ice and tossed it in there. It was super good, although it didn't sound that good, it was way delicious!!! My new favorite milkshake!!! Everybody should TRY IT!!! Well can't wait to hear back from all of you guys. I love ya!
Elder Wallentine

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