Monday, August 26, 2013

Dear Mom!!!

Well, that is awesome to know that I am in so many prayers. The bishop here is asking all of the ward members to not only pray for the missionaries but to pray for me and my companion, Elder Forson, by name so that we get that help to find those that we specifically need to find and teach. I thought that was super cool. 

We baptized a family of 4 on Saturday and also one of our investigators we have been working with for a long time.  They were working with him before I came. The service was awesome but the building lost its power and so it was burning hot in the church during the baptisms. That was kinda crazy. Our mission president came to the baptism and after I was done talking for about 10 minutes about the Joseph Smith story we had him and his wife, Sister Toone, share a message with us, and it was super cool. There were a ton of non-members at the baptism! We were able to find 8 new investigators to teach and we are working with them so that they can take that step of baptism too! Yay!!!

Oh, and all of the stories are just beginning about how crazy it is here in Arizona! :) Yesterday there was another shooting that was in our apartment complexes and some guy knocked on someone's door and then as soon as the guy opened the door the other guy shot him 3 times. When we got home from church there were cops all over the place and our whole complex was roped off. So, we just went over to a member's house and made dinner and brownies and taught a lesson until we could at least get into our house! hahahaha super funny!

Also, yesterday at church I had the opportunity to give my first priesthood blessing ever and it was in front of the whole congregation for a confirmation in the church. That was super nerve-racking!!! Then on top of that I got a call from the first counselor in the bishopric that morning and was asked to give a 7 minute talk on the Plan of Salvation. I ended up giving a 22 minute talk and they had to almost kick me off of the stand! ;) Super funny because usually I have the problem of being too short on talks rather than giving super long ones. hahaha  It was a super busy Sunday for us.

Well, other than that good luck with everything back home.  I cant wait to hear back from you guys and so far I think I am fine with supplies and stuff, but I am cool with anything that anybody wants to send me! I will be excited to receive some letters in the mail from all of you!!!

Love you all!

Elder Brandon Wallentine

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