Monday, May 4, 2015


I never realized how much time just to think and time by yourself is needed until I came out on a mission... Especially as one of the assistants we really never have any time to relax, which in a way is good because it makes time seem like it is flying. But when I get home I am for sure going to be looking forward to an awesome date with my bed! :) But until then I will keep on hitting the pavement for sure! It is super fun being in this area still though so I am doing well!

This week was a little bit more relaxed than the last week. We had some training's that we had to give on Thursday, and Friday which was pretty fun but other than that it was a pretty chill week. On Thursday we had another MLC which we had to give a little training at and it ended up going super well. We ended up breaking up into three groups of missionaries depending on what they wanted to work on the most this next transfer. For example my group focused on Teaching People and Not Lessons from PMG. It was awesome just to be able to talk personally with a big group of the missionaries. It was super cool and now we are just going to be focusing more on PMG for the rest of the transfer to get all of the missionaries PUMPED again which will be a BLAST!!!

Then the training that we gave on Friday was for all of the missionaries that have only been out for about 6 or 12 weeks, so the new missionaries in the field. Every 6 weeks we will get them together to make sure that their training is going well and get them to have a little bit of fun. We prepared some fun get to know you games that we ended up playing with them, and then we made a really fun game where they pretended to teach each other in different ways. I will have to explain it later because it is super hard to explain how it worked over writing. haha

Other than that I am super stoked to be able to see you guys this upcoming Sunday!!! It seems like I just got to talk to you guys. It is going to be so much fun to get to see all of the little kids on Sunday and I am really looking forward to this last Skype home before I am on the down hill stretch. Crazy to think that this will be the last time I will see you guys when I am not actually with you in person!

Love you lots!!!
Elder Brandon Wallentine

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