Monday, May 11, 2015


It was so much fun to get to talk to all of you yesterday! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY AGAIN!!! Even though Dad wasn't able to be there for all of it I know that he does still love you a ton just like all of your kids do. I love you tons mom, and sometimes it for sure takes leaving home to realize how much you actually do for us so THANK YOU! :D I know that you probably didn't hear that from me enough while I was home but I do mean that. It was so fun how much Collette and Izzy can talk now! My companions and I thought that it was super funny how they were telling us stories and stuff like that! They can for sure talk your ear off haha. I could imagine that they have tons to say when Uncle Brandon isn't in the room too! They are the best!!!

I know that we told you most of the stuff that we did this past week in the Skype call... so there isn't a whole ton that comes to mind of what to write about haha. But we did go on the hike today on the Mormon Battalion Trail and we had a super good experience! We had to go around and pick up a ton of canopies so that when we had a little presentation on the trail we would not all get baked so we did that all last night, and then picked up 2 missionaries that were going to be coming with us in the morning. Then we all woke up this morning at 3:30am and were out the door in the car by 3:50am so that we could make it down to Maricopa in time to set everything up on the trail. We ended up  getting to the trail by about 5:00am and got everything set up by about 6:15am. It was a little bit crazy because we had to drive the car in on the trail and on the trail there were like 2 big sand pits that we were a little worried about getting stuck in. Since I am a professional driver though I plowed right through the sand and made it to the destination! :) It was awesome!!!

When we all got in on the trail and we got to the place where the presentation on the Mormon Battalion was being given we all sat down and got ready to listen. There was a guy that came out and he is an expert on the mormon battalion. He was dressed up like the members of the battalion would be dressed, and had the weapons and nifty little gadgets that they had too. It ended up being really cool! That is something that I think would be super cool to learn more about! One thing that he pointed out is that the Lord will always provide!!! He shared a story of some of the people on the trail who had their carts being pulled by oxen. They entered into like a bog area and the two oxen ended up getting stuck in the mud... One of them got out safely with some help, but the other one when they attempted to get it out of the mud they accidentally broke its neck and it died. They did not know what they were going to do, so they said a prayer and asked their Father in Heaven for help and then went to bed. When they woke up in the morning they found 2 young oxen wandering around their camp with a yoke already on them. :) It is so amazing how the Lord will always cover what we need and he is always willing to help us out! That goes for feelings that we have too. If we begin to think negative thoughts, and begin to question some of the things in life that we know the adversary will work hard to morph it into something way more severe than it really is. But it is hard to overcome that without Gods help. You could even say it is impossible to overcome by yourself! Continue to know that He does love you and He knows you personally! If you ever question anything turn to him in prayer and he WILL help! I love you tons Mom and keep being the BEST MOM EVER!!!

Elder Brandon Wallentine

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