Monday, May 18, 2015


Holy cow!!! I was reading the story of Coco and that scared the heck out of me! I am so glad that everything worked out and that she ended up being ok. I could not even imagine being Caleb in that situation and seeing Coco like that... That would be so hard to see someone go through that. I hope that both Coco, and Caleb are doing alright now. Good thing they have an awesome Mom/Grandma to look out for them! :) It is awesome to have a mom who whenever we get sick or need anything you always know what will make us feel better. Thanks so much!

That is also super crazy that Parker Hansen is going to Russia. That is going to be a super cool experience for him! Probably a little bit scary looking at it from this point, but it is really cool how missionaries can go all over the world and be safe. Not many other people can have the comfort that we can have as we leave to go on our missions. Even though I just stayed in the United States I have still never felt so safe, but so threatened in my life. It is so crazy how both of those feelings can exist at the same time... But it is cool to know for sure! :P 

This past week we had a ton of stuff to get done... After the hike on Monday, (which by the way was AMAZING) we went and tried to get all of the rest of the stuff that we needed to get done on out p day finished, and we ended up not getting back from the hike until about 2:00. So we didn't get to go shopping or anything, but President and Sister Toone took us out to dinner that night which was really fun. We got to talk about how the hike went and how some of the missionaries are adjusting to being out here on their missions. It was a cool time to just talk with them for sure! But then that night after dinner we had to go and drive around the valley and drop off all of the supplies that we gathered from the members to use on the hike. So that was basically our Monday haha. 

Then on Tuesday through Thursday we had the rest of the Zone Conferences and we ended up traveling to Casa Grande, and Yuma! It was super fun going on a little road trip with President and Sister Toone because we had like 3 hours there and back that we could just talk to them and get to know them better. Oh and you will have to remind me when I get home to show you a little video that  we took of a joke that President Toone told us! :) It is super funny!!! But yeah that is basically my week! Sorry it is not super descriptive... It is a lot different being in the office and stuff. It for sure tries to teach you how to balance your time a little bit better! I love you tons! Thanks for being awesome! :)

Elder Brandon Wallentine

We got to stay in a hotel when we went down to Yuma so we all got some hot chocolate and sat down at some tables by the pool for a little while! :) It was awesome!!! (Don't worry... we didn't go swimming)

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