Monday, February 2, 2015


Thank you for sending me all of that information about the new Insurance that I am on now! :) I am going back into the Dr. today just for a little check up to make sure that it is healing how it should be! But it is feeling so good and we were able to play some basketball this past week without my toe even bothering me a little bit. It was awesome to be able to do that again for sure! Oh and BT-Dubs I am basically killing it out here when we get to go and play basketball with people! There are a couple of people that we are teaching right now who are like high school kids, and they will not talk to us unless we play basketball with them. We played like 4 games in a row with them and beat them every time!!! It was a blast though! When you are out doing the same thing every day for 18 months, it is really amazing how much better it feels when you get a little bit of time to go and play some games like that! It really puts things in perspective!

OH and about the bed bug problem... THEIR BACK!!! So when I thought that they were gone because we haven't been being bit, I laid down in my bed and slept until about 2:30 am on night, and then woke up because I my neck was itching. I got up and looked in the mirror and I had HUGE bites all over my left shoulder and the right side of my neck. :( That was super lame... So then I put some toothpaste on the bites and went back to sleep on the living room floor. It actually reminded me of on Sundays when I would always just lay on our living room floor and sleep until dinner time! Those naps always felt so good, and it will be nice when I can take naps again for sure! But we are going to talk to the housing people again today to see if we can get it all figured out.

I have not been getting Elder Elwood's emails lately so if you could like forward them out to me that would be super cool of you for sure!!! Oh and before I forget I have some good news. . .. Transfer calls came on Tuesday night and Elder May and I are staying together again!!! It was super surprising because I have never been with a companion for more that 2 transfers! But Elder May and I made it a huge point in our emails to President Toone for us to stay together for at least one more transfer! I am so happy!!! :D

This past week was super fun because we just were basically in Aww that we were staying together first of all, and we also got a new Elder in our house named Elder Mason from Virginia! He is a brand new missionary and he is super cool for sure. He reminds me a ton of Ryan. He is super big on like video games, and running, and all of the other kind of things that Ryan is into. He is also huge into computers and stuff like both Ryan and Tyler! It is really cool to be here with him and see how exciting it is for the new missionaries to come into the field! We are doing our very best to set a good example for him so that he knows what the mission expects of him! He is one of the most obedient elders that I have been with so far for sure! He is awesome!!! 

Anyways I am super stoked for this next week and all of the stuff that Arizona has in store for me!!! 

Elder Brandon Wallentine

P.S. Elder Forson just finished his mission this last week... I am going to for sure keep in contact with that guy!!! :) 

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