Monday, January 26, 2015


That is super crazy that Hannah had that same problem in her mission! Bed bugs are for sure no fun at all! I got bit a couple of nights, but then they just kinda went away and all started biting Elder May which was a bummer for him... We told the people in the mission home that we have bed bugs, but they have not sent anybody in to kill them yet. We went out and bought some rubbing alcohol, and some bug bombs. So the problem has at least gotten a little bit better! :) But, we will see what happens with that! As for my toe, it is doing a lot better! They did a really good job of trying to make it so that I will not have any more problems with it hopefully. It is super good walking on a non destroyed toe though! :D

So this week was super funny because we went on an exchange with another companionship in the zone on Tuesday! I went with an Elder from Tonga named Elder Naeata who is super cool! I have been on exchanges with him before and he is just like one of the funniest missionaries ever!!! But on this exchange I went to his area and was told 2 times in one day that I look like one of the players on the Patriots Football team named, Rob Gronkowski!  It was pretty funny, but the big difference between us is that he is RIPPED!!! Probably because he is kinda in the NFL. But that is not even the best part of the exchange... We went over to dinner at 5:30 and apparently the member that we went to is like obsessed with Ghost Peppers. He made us ribs with Ghost Pepper BBQ sauce that was actually super good!!! But then he gave us both the challenge to eat a ghost pepper... I told them that if Elder Naeata would do it that I would do it too... Elder Naeata said, "Yeah I will do it!" So of course being a man of my word I did it too... So you remember when I told you that I ate a habanero pepper, and how I will never do that again because it was so hot... The Ghost Pepper DESTROYED that habanero pepper with its heat!!! As soon as I ate it I could like barely even talk because it was so hot. But it was totally worth the experience after I got lots of ice cream and some tums. haha Plus now I can say that I ate a Ghost Pepper! It was crazy!

I am learning how to teach from the Book of Mormon so simply though! I have really found out that you can teach the Restoration of the gospel super easily by just using the introduction to the Book of Mormon, and the testimonies of all the witnesses in the front of it! It just makes it so obvious that the Book of Mormon is totally true and that I am not out here for no reason at all! I am so happy when I am able to have little testimony builders like that! :)  I love you so much!

Your Favorite Missionary Son Who is on His Mission Right Now!
Elder Brandon Wallentine

P.S. Transfer calls got changed to this coming Tuesday so I will let you know if one of us gets transferred on Monday... I hope Elder May and I stay for another transfer!!! THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST TIME IN MY MISSION!!! So pray that we stay together! We told President Toone that we want to stay together for the rest of for FOREVER!!! Love you Mom!!!

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