Monday, February 9, 2015


Thank you so much for sharing all of those cool stories with me! It is always so amazing how Heavenly Father uses us and the message that we prepare to get a super important message to others. We had another MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) this past week and we talked a ton about obedience and also using the Holy Ghost to his full potential. President Toone is feeling that the missionaries are getting too caught up in the deeper doctrine of the church rather than just focusing on the simple things. It is so amazing how when you just focus on the basics and the fundamentals of the gospel everything starts to make sense. We do not need to know all everything to know that this gospel is true. We do need to know enough that we can trust our Heavenly Father as we get down on our knees to pray though. That is one of the biggest things ever!!! If we are humble enough to get down on our knees and ask for help, it will come.

I had a really cool experience just last night and this morning! We are now planning for another training that we have to do tomorrow, and I have been stressing out about it again. I think it is probably similar to how you were feeling about getting up and giving a talk. ;) I woke up this morning and got ready for the day, and then realized that I really have not gotten down on my knees to pray for my morning studies in a couple of days. I just sat in my chair usually. But this morning I felt like I needed a little bit of extra help, so I got down on my knees next to my desk and just asked for anything that I needed. I specifically asked to be guided to some places where I could find more information on how to receive answers from the Holy Ghost. As soon as I finished my prayer I started writing down in my study journal what I thought. I got a few scriptures down and some plans for the training, but then my mind went completely blank... :/ So I got down on my knees and prayed AGAIN! This time I had something amazing happen! I immediately thought of my Patriarchal blessing. So I pulled out my blessing and began to read and write down some of the things that stuck out to me. In the beginning it tells me that as I read my Patriarchal blessing my mind will be cleared and I will be able to receive promptings from the Holy Ghost. It was that experience mixed with Sunday nights experience that got me... On Sunday night we were able to have some of the people that we are teaching come to the church and watch "Ephraims Rescue" with them. Ephraim in the movie is an amazing priesthood holder that always tries to do what is right. He realizes that he is not perfect, but he can get as close to perfect as he possibly can by following the teachings of the prophets. He is exactly obedient and does anything that they ask! Because of his STRICT OBEDIENCE he is able to perform miracles for the pioneers that are crossing the planes. In my Patriarchal Blessing it tells me that I am from the tribe of Ephraim. I know that I have been called to share the gospel and what I know is true to all of the people in the area that I am currently serving in! I am not sure if it really made sense how I explained my experiences, but I guess that is what happens when a 19 year old tries to talk right? ;)

I am so glad that I am out here on my mission and I am going to continue to make these last 5 months some of the best months of my mission!!! It will be amazing! LOVE YOU TONS!!!

Elder Brandon Wallentine

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