Monday, February 16, 2015


Thank you so much for all of the help. :)  I love being a missionary and it is super crazy that I only have 5 months left now. TIME IS FLYING BY SO FAST!!!

That movie is so inspiring and just makes you want to be the best that you can possibly be for sure! After seeing how many hardships that the saints crossing the plains went through it really makes the things in my life seem like I should be able to get through them easy. But, then you also have to realize that although there may not be the same kind of struggles today, the ones that have replaced them have become just as bad. There is for sure some super scary stuff in the world today... But yeah he is the one that stood and said that he is ready right then to go and help the saints. I hope that I can be worthy to be able to get such amazing promptings in my life if necessary. It is really cool just to think of how important that task was, and how Brigham Young knew that he could trust him because of his strict obedience to the commandments of God. 

That is a super good talk about the Atonement though. It always seems that people think that Christ will just take all of their burdens away, and everything will just be hunky dory for the rest of forever. But more people  need to realize that just because we can repent and the gospel of Jesus Christ is always there for us, we WILL still have struggles in our life. The struggles can always be overcome, but the loads that come from the struggles will not always just be done away with. But just like Elder Bednar said without the loads there are some things that we would just be stuck in. Sometimes we need some loads on our shoulders to keep us going on the right path. When I think of that I always think of my investigators and how I can connect with them. It always seems like it is so much easier for converts to connect with people because they have seen the other side of things. If I had not had some of the experiences that I have had in the past, I may not be able to help those people that really need to be uplifted here. We are all given experience and struggles for a reason, and I think that 9 times out of 10 we have them to go out and help others! :D But as far as "Meet the Mormons" goes it is amazing with how many people are touched by it. One person that we are teaching actually was super cool with that movie because it shows so many different perspectives on what Mormons are like all around the world! Its super cool! :)

 LOVE YOU ALL TONS! Love you Mom, Dad, Jason, Katie, Izzy, Ryan, Ashley, Bob, Coco, Emmett, Tyler, Emily and Caleb! Y'all are the BOMB! 

Elder Brandon Walletine

P.S. I got the package!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! The cookies were delicious!

One of the missionaries that we live with--his mom was down here in AZ for something and she heart  attacked our door while we were all sleeping inside! 

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