Monday, January 19, 2015

Hello Everyone,

Yeah, I remembered when I was over in Maryvale and would tell you all of the stories about all of the sketchy things that happened to me and how I told you about them way back then! :P So I figured this time I would give you a little heads up since things like that have not happened to me  in a super long time! :D Oh and BT-Dubs the training went amazing!!! We got up there at to the front of the room and went CRAZY! We were training on the nature of God and who God is to us! It ended up going super well. The training went way better than I could have ever pictured it for sure and after the training the Assistants came up to us and said that our training was the BEST that has happened by the Zone Leaders! So NO BIG DEAL! :P It was super cool though! I also got to have an interview with President Toone and it was super cool. Now that I am down to just 6 more months on my mission, he started talking to me a little bit more about the things that are going to be going on after I get home, and also making sure that I am not getting TRUNKY! Don't worry I am for sure not trunky at all! 

I am super excited for this coming week because this last week was super amazing! I am having so much fun here in Maricopa with Elder May and I am really hoping that we get to stay together for 1 more transfer! :) Our house may or may not have gotten Bed Bugs though so we might be staying together again just because they don't want them to spread throughout the mission! ;) I would be perfectly fine with that as long as we get to go one more transfer here!!! That would be super cool!!! But this week was really cool because we were able to meet up with a lot of the people that we have been trying to see for the entire time that I have been here. It was really cool to just see all of the fun stuff that can happen on the mission when you do what you are supposed to do! :) I love MARICOPA!!!

Sorry that this letter is not super long... :( I am going in to the doctor today to get my toe looked at again, because it got bad for a second time. Super lame... :O But that is alright because I am going in to see Dr. Crezee again from my ward in Ahwatukee and I am going to talk with him a little bit more about JB to see how he has been doing these past couple of days! It should go well and hopefully this time will be the last time that I will have to get my toe taken care of on my mission! Good luck with all of your classes even though they sound like they could be pretty hard, I love you tons and will be keeping you in my prayers always along with the whole family! :) You guys are the best!!! I am memorizing The Family A Proclamation to the World right now so I will let you know how that goes! :) Love you FAMILY!!!

Elder Brandon Wallentine

p.s. We hit our 18 month mark this past week so we got to take off our skirts! (finished our Sister Missions) ;)

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