Monday, January 5, 2015


That is not fun that everyone there is getting a little bit sick! :( Tell everyone that I will be keeping them in my prayers for them to get feeling better. That is super funny with Coco though, how after she got all of the medication she just started jumping all around and playing with everything! :) She is such a funny girl! I have THE BEST FAMILY EVER!!! You guys are so awesome and I love all of the support that you all have given me so far in my mission! I could not even imagine coming out on a mission knowing that my family didn't even support my decision to come out... That would make it so much harder. It is such a great blessing to be a part of a family that are members of the church and have the same beliefs that I do. :)

I have been thinking about like all of the rules that you all had for me while I was home... I always thought that they were kind of ridiculous. Especially the ones for when I needed to be home at night, and the ones about dating members of the church because you marry who you date. I always thought that was a little bit strange. :P But as I have been on my mission I have seen so many families that do not have the same beliefs, and it is so much harder for a family to function when they do not even have common beliefs. I am totally looking forward to when I have a family of my own, and do what I can do to raise my kids in the gospel. :) Our family is so blessed since all of the family is active members of the church! That is such a rare thing now for everyone to be active! :D It is crazy how many people have believed that the gospel is true, but then fail to come to church, and act on the promptings that the holy ghost gives them. Its super sad... :( OH and I don't think that those rules are lame anymore BT- DUBS!!!

This week we had some really good experiences! Mostly this past weekend! :) I was able to get in contact with Alexis Chandler on Facebook yesterday! :) It was really fun to talk to her again. I have this friend that was in some of my classes in high school who lives in Columbia and she is not a member of the church, so we were able to teach her yesterday!!! I Skyped Alexis, and the other girl and we were able to talk about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith! It was so amazing to be able to teach someone who is actually one of MY FRIENDS on my mission. I want to give all of the members that same experience that I had yesterday! It is so amazing that if you are willing to teach, someone will come into your life who will listen! They may live on the opposite side of the world, but they can use the gospel in their lives just as much as we can here in the USA! :) It was a great experience!

Then we went over to this family’s house yesterday and had a super fun time!!! Have you heard the talk "Life is a Game of Football" by Troy Dunn? We listened to that talk a couple of times this last week in the car and it is so amazing how simple the Plan of Salvation can really be explained! We talked about the Plan of Salvation and then talked a little bit about baptism! :) The question got asked, "Why do you want to get baptized?" It was super funny with the timing of his response! Right away he said, "I WANT TO GET BAPTIZED SO I DONT GO TO HELL!" It was perfect! This family is so amazing and I am so excited for what is going to be in their future! :) Please continue to pray for me and all of the people that we are teaching at this time!!! :) I love you all tons!

Elder Brandon Wallentine

P.S. I am feeling better now!!

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