Monday, August 12, 2013

Hey Mom and anybody else who is reading this!!!

So over here in Arizona my life is definitely starting to see a fair amount of struggles and also blessings. I am having a really hard time connecting with the people here because they are more serious and all of them have been through a ton of big things.  Most of them are recovering from drug use or they are all waiting to get off of probation and stuff like that. Mostly everybody that I have talked to here have tattoos all over their bodies and have gone to jail.  Some of them were in there for kinda scary things that I won't go into too much detail about. It is really weird for me to be in this part of town on the west side of Arizona because, like I said before, it feels more like Mexico than Arizona.  About 50% of the people that we talk to on the street don't even speak English, so obviously it is kinda hard for me to get my point across.  Hahahahaha!  Today we are going into the south side of Phoenix with the Zone Leaders who are our room mates to go to Kohls and get some tan pants since they are now allowed in the mission! I also found out a big thing that i do not like.... MEXICAN CANDY!!! That is the most disgusting stuff I have ever tasted on the face of the earth. It tastes more like rotting vegetables than it does candy. It's Nasty. But, the Mexican food that we have been eating has been really good.

So, we didn't buy enough cereal and milk to last us all through the week so I decided I would get a little creative with the waffles and the waffle maker! Instead of just making regular boring waffles that still taste pretty good I decided to mix some Oreos in the mix and then we put peanut butter in the mix as well. They tasted delicious! Or maybe they were gross and I was just starving. One of the two! It doesn't help that I am still an 18 year old boy and I want to eat everything that I possibly can. All of the other Elders that are in my apartment are 20+ years old and I am the young 18 year old that has all of the energy in the world! Its awesome. I love being able to eat anything because I am biking all over town!

We met with a family last night that we are trying to help learn the gospel and they are really progressing but they don't know if Jesus is their Savior. Which is kinda a big part of the whole thing that will bring us through the rest of everything. When we went over there we were trying to get them to understand and then they brought up some really weird subjects and we had to just sit and listen for a while. After that the feeling in the room was super strong but it was not a good feeling at all. It felt more like something had just come in and taken my heart right out of my body. I asked the investigator how he was feeling and he said he was felling the same thing.  We both just felt completely empty inside and it was awful. My companion and I were talking a little bit after and he said it did not feel like the good feelings that come from the Holy Ghost. So,  we are going back tonight and we are going to give them some Priesthood Blessings and try to get that good spirit in the home. It was scary.

Other than that though my mission has been nothing but positive and I'm sure that I will even think of a way to make that moment in my mission a positive one! I am smiling everywhere I go and I am keeping my energy high--drinking lots of water in the 100 degree weather and I hope and pray that all of you back home are doing okay also. I love all of you guys and can't wait till I have more stories to share with all of you guys. Can't wait to hear back.


Elder Wallentine

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