Monday, August 5, 2013


Hey so my first week was super cool. I got an awesome trainer and i got placed in a part of Phoenix called Maryvale. It is a ton like how Jason would describe Phili to us. There are gangsters everywhere and everybody smokes and drinks and in a lot of the houses that we visit we can smell marijuana.  It is really gross. But anyways the members here are really nice and we all tease each other already even though I have only been here for one Sunday! Its awesome.

So far here we have done a ton of cooking for ourselves just because there are like 80 active members and like 300 inactive members.  It’s crazy. It has been like 110 degrees since the day that I got here to Phoenix and it is supposed to be starting to cool down to like 90's for the next month. I am super excited! I’m doing fine adjusting to mission life.  It is really not that hard. By the time you have to be back in the apartment and stuff at night you just want to lay down and pass out.  Its crazy.

We teach so many people and there are so many people here to teach. In our ward there is maybe like 80-100 active members and then there are 300 inactive members. So we have some work cut out for us to do here. It is super exciting to know that all of the boys in the ward are stepping up and trying to set a good example now that I am gone. I really hope that Brenden and Riley get on missions soon so that they can write to me from where they are serving!

The mission field is definitely a lot different than how I expected it. I thought that it would be like so strict that it would ruin all for the fun.  But it is the exact opposite. Some of the rules are actually there and they make it better and of course safer for us to be around. Where I am everybody has their bikes duct taped just to make them look like they are really crappy bikes so that they wont get stolen. But I haven’t done that yet so as of right now my bike is probably in the hands of some Mexican Gangster downtown or something. It is really weird to think that there are places as poor and dirty as this place is here in the US. It’s crazy to think about. everybody lives in apartments and we get fed very little by the members. Almost all of the members are recent converts also.

Well it’s been amazing so far mostly because I haven’t been mugged or beaten up yet so that is the upside along with every other part of my mission.

Elder Wallentine

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