Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hello Mom and whoever else is reading this!!!
It is awesome to hear from you and it is always great to read about all of the stuff that is going on with Collette and Isabelle!  My two favorite little girls in the whole world are driving me crazy not being able to see my two little nieces. Hahahaha! I told Emily that I want them to be able to say my name so that they don't forget about me when I am gone. That would STINK!!!
Tell the Griffin family that I will be thinking about them constantly and that I wish that I could do more, but it is hard when I am a few states over. Something that I have really learned is that being specific in prayers and studies is really important and it will bring miracles.
In Arizona it is crazy hot. They said that is was going to start to cool down by the end of the month but I don't think I believe them because for the past week it was 110+ degrees outside and I was burning. hahahaha. The day that it got to be like 117 degrees, me and my comp couldn't find a member to take us around in the car so we rode our bikes all day long and got to a total of about 9 miles by the end of the day. That was pretty crazy. But, it is not bothering me too much. I think I am handling the heat better than I would have thought I would handle being tossed into a frying pan like an egg. :)
There has been some crazy things that have happened this week and they were all within two days and right by where we live. So, first we were in an investigators house a couple apartments down from our house and right on the other side of a brick wall we heard something that sounded like gun shots. Then we went outside to leave and head back home and everyone was looking at the house and telling us to get back inside because someone was shooting out of the house. So me and my companion decided that we were just going to continue on and go home. (We found out that there was a shooter). Then when we got back to the house there were fire trucks and ambulances and someone had gotten hit by a car right outside the gate to our apartment complex which was super crazy. 

Then the next day we were driving down the road and cops were all over with a big huge setup thing and a whole neighborhood was roped off because someone had gotten pulled out of a car and shot. It was a ridiculous week and I am going to have tons of stories for sure by the end of the two years. Especially since I have only been away from home for a month.
Oh, hey by the way, I love to get real paper letters because then I can read them right when I get them and they make me so happy because then I know for sure that nobody is forgetting about me while I am gone. hahahahaha ;) I am going to be going to the temple this Wednesday and I have heard a ton of good things about the new video so I am super excited!

Well I love you all and I look forward to hearing from you guys!!!!
Elder Wallentine

Oh and P.S. apparently I have to go and buy a card reader in order to send you guys pictures so I will go get one so that you guys will have more pictures of my mission life!!!!

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