Monday, April 13, 2015


So, I am getting a little bit nervous about this upcoming transfer because I might be taking over as the oldest assistant... I have noticed a pattern in my mission so far though. After I had been in the mission for only 6 weeks, and was only half way through my training, President Toone called me to be a trainer. Then when I was called to be a Zone Leader, I was trained for only 6 weeks before I got a brand new Zone Leader to train. Now I have been an Assistant for 6 weeks, and may be training some brand new Assistants this next transfer... It is going to be super crazy, but it is really good to know how much trust President Toone and the Lord have in me.

If I have not been a quick learner before my mission I will be after this for sure! :) It is awesome to have the chances to serve other missionaries like this, but one thing that I especially want Tyler, Emily, and Caleb to know is that all of the real work happens when you are out with your companion TEACHING!!! Having leadership is awesome and all, and if you get a calling you need to magnify it to the best of your ability, but NEVER think that just because you don't have a leadership assignment that you are not SUCCESSFUL! That is mostly for when they are on their missions haha.

I have loved every second of my mission so far and am going to continue loving it for the next 3 months! 

Love you tons,
Elder Brandon Wallentine

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