Monday, October 20, 2014


That was super awesome on Friday night when I got to see Jason! I didn't really know what to think when I saw him with the bag of goodies that he got for me, but I also did not know if I was allowed to get out and talk to him or anything. It was super fun to see him though, and it is super weird because that is the first time that I have actually seen any of you in person for just over 15 months. :) It was super fun though! Even though I stayed in the car I still really enjoyed that! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 

It was really funny though because I thought since I had just seen Jason I should probably call President Toone and just let him know how it all played out and stuff! I tried to call him a couple times but there was no answer, so I decided to call the Assistants. I called them and said, "Hey, so I just tried to call President Toone and there was no answer. But, I thought that I should probably call and just let you guys and him know that my brother just stopped by my house and dropped off some junk food for me." They then said, "Oh dang!!! Well thanks for letting us know, and make sure that you let President Toone know when you can." Then they asked, "Did you get out and give him a hug?" I said, "Ummm... No, I stayed in the car like I was supposed too." Then they said, "Oh man you totally should have given him a hug!" But it was totally cool because I didn't know that I could so I just thought that I would stay safe! :D Then when I got in touch with President Toone he said about the same thing as the assistants! Which I thought was super funny for sure! That was a funny night.

The work here in this area is for sure picking up though now! It is getting to be really fun to get closer and closer to the members of the ward here, and they are all just super nice, and getting more missionary minded every day it seems like! It is way cool to see! As far as "Meet the Mormons" goes we don't have any handouts yet because they want it to be more of the members tool right now to get their friends out to it. 

We have a baptism for a guy that we are teaching right now coming up on Friday! :) That is going to be super cool because It seems like it has been forever since I have actually had someone that I am teaching get baptized, even though it was only like 2 transfers ago! haha

I am super excited for our stake conference coming up in early November! We are going to be trained on the exact same thing and we were able to go and assign one of the missionaries in our zone to stand up and give a talk at the Saturday night session on some success stories and hastening the work of salvation! It will be super cool because they are also probably going to give me and my companion the chance to get up and bear our testimonies on the work of salvation also since we are the zone leaders! It should be a super cool experience, and I am super excited for it! But I totally agree that the youth and the members are completely key to finding the elect people, and also just to the work of salvation in general. It is really cool just how much faster people work toward baptism when they have friends in the church, and when they are being encouraged from not only the missionaries, but all of their friends, and leaders in the church. It helps a ton!!!

I am currently teaching this girl over SKYPE who lives in Idaho right now and was meeting with the missionaries over there for a while.  I am really enjoying finding not only people that I can help in this area, but also if people need help in other parts of the world that we and the other missionaries in that area can totally be there for them! I really love that quote that you posted! "FAITH IS A CHOICE! CHOOSE FAITH OVER DOUBT!" I think that is so powerful and it is amazing how much that can really help if you just put your faith before your doubts. I am currently reading in the New Testament and it is amazing just how in the very beginning of Matthew there are so many miracles performed by Christ. But none of those miracles could have come to pass if the person on the receiving end did not at least have a little bit of faith that they could be healed.

I read a section in Matthew this week that really helped me though. There are always temptations in the world whether you are a missionary or not. Even when Jesus Christ was on the earth He did not go without being tempted by the adversary. It is super sad because although they are brothers, Satan just kept on bashing Christ with these chances to prove himself. He tells him that if he is the Son of God then he will take some rocks and he will turn them into bread. But Jesus does not give in. He does not even try to fight back, or argue. He simply says something to the affect of; Men cannot live by bread alone, but they also need the word of god in their lives. It is just another testimony builder that if we truly do follow the example of Jesus Christ even after baptism, we will be able to know Him better, and we WILL be able to make it to live with our Heavenly Father again! I love that!!!

Well mom thank you for the awesome letter and I really appreciate all that you guys do for me and how much you show your love to me as I am away from home! I love you all tons!!! :)

Elder Brandon Wallentine

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