Monday, October 13, 2014


I was so happy that this week went by fast, but at the same time think it would have been nice for it to have been a little bit longer! We were able to go and see a lot of the people that we are actively teaching and helping right now, including that lady that I told you about! She is so awesome! Her aunt and cousin actually came to church with her this Sunday to help her get a little bit more comfortable which was super cool! They wanted to get a picture of us with her outside of the church which was super funny I thought! :D

It started out as a really good week because on every 1st and 3rd Sunday one of the members of the stake that is over the missionary work invited all of the missionaries in the Stake over to have a little correlation meeting and he also has root beer floats! It is always really fun because they are really trying to focus on making this stake have the happiest missionaries in the entire mission! I like it a lot!!! :P 

Then on Tuesday we had Zone Meeting and so Elder Hardy (my companion), Sister Homer (the sister training leader), and I did a training on making sure that we do our best to get the Spirit there and allow it to testify to those that we are teaching! We had 3 scenarios that we put the missionaries in. The 1st one was in a messy home with the TV on and toys all over the place. This was a different environment because when a home is messy and unorganized then it is a ton harder, and almost impossible for the person getting taught to feel of the Spirit. Then we set up another room as a clean home with a center piece, some pictures of Jesus Christ, and also some couches that would be comfortable. We were able to feel the Spirit a lot stronger in that environment. Then the last one was in the church building giving someone a tour of the church. When we walked into the Chapel it was amazing the Spirit that we felt. It felt literally like it is described in the Mormon message "The Hope of Gods Light" and it was an amazing experience! :) It really does make a huge difference to make sure that our environments are good! It can make the difference between feeling the Spirit and not being able to feel it at all!

We also got to watch the movie MEET THE MORMONS as a mission on Wednesday which was super cool! We got to see it before everyone else because they wanted us to see what was going on so that when people have questions about it we will be able to know how to answer them! It was a really fun time and if you have not seen that movie yet you need to go and see it as soon as you can! It was amazing!!! Anyways, I love you tons and my toe is doing a lot better now! I hope that you guys all have a good week and make sure to tell everybody hi for me!!! Love you Jason, Katie, Izzy, Ryan, Ashley, Brandon, Collette, Emmett, Tyler, Emily, Caleb, Mom, and Dad!!! You all are the BEST!!!

Elder Brandon Wallentine

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