Monday, October 27, 2014


Hey mom this week was super cool because we were able to have an awesome baptism which was probably one of the most smooth running baptisms that I have had in my entire mission so far! It was awesome! :) The guy that got baptized was so ready and he just didn't even know how ready he was a few weeks ago. He had gone through about 3 years worth of missionaries and continued to pray and came to church and stuff like that, but just didn't know for sure if this was the right path for him yet. It was super cool when we were able to teach him and that he came to the conclusion that he did not need a big sign to know that it was true but he just needed to put all of the little things together! :) It was an amazing experience to teach him. Every single person that we are able to help like that just makes my testimony build even bigger and even though I have a testimony that the Gospel and Church is true, it never hurts to have it built up a little bit more!

Other than that though we still had a super good and eventful week this past week! We were able to come in contact with the lady that referred herself to us which was really cool and we were able to go over and teach her a little bit more as well as her family! They are so awesome and it is amazing how fast you can grow to love people as you help them come a little bit closer to Christ! It is so awesome and it is especially awesome that they are actually keeping the reading assignments that we give them and also doing more on top of that! They are an awesome family! :) I can just tell that they really do want to know if this is really true! 

We were also able to go and do a ton of service on Saturday and also found out a little bit more of how the whole mission leadership works when we are here! :) We moved 2 people in one morning, and then also went and helped the ward with a big project that they were doing! It was super fun because when we are able to go and do things like that we are, first of all, able to go and get out of our church clothes for a while, but then we are able to also meet people that would never be open to us in the white shirts and ties! :) Its awesome! But over all it was a super good week and to finish it today we went to Cafe Rio today and there were like a ton of people there that were members of the church, some of them were ladies and they came over to our table while we were eating and said that they were going to take some pics of us and send them to our moms! I do not know your phone number so I gave them Dad's and they are going to send all of the pics to him and then both of you can see them! :) It is super fun when people want to do that though! :D

Anyways I love you so much and cannot wait to hear from you guys again next week! 

Elder Wallentine

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