Monday, May 5, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!

I have been super blessed to be in a 2 AWESOME zones so far in my mission and the district that I am in right now seems to be super awesome as well! They are all SOLID MISSIONARIES! I think that hardest thing for me is just making sure that I am doing everything that I possibly can to keep on being a good example for other missionaries and also everybody back home.

I always am trying to find out a better way to gain even more motivation than I already have (even though I am not unmotivated in any way right now). ;) I recently found a really cool way that really helps me to stay focused on the work! I grabbed a Book of Mormon and a Bible and began to find some similarities in them. I bought some little tabs for books at Walmart so that I could highlight the scriptures and then turn right to the ones that I want to go to. I found scriptures for so far every topic that it talks about in the Restoration of the Gospel and in the Plan of Salvation! It really helps my testimony continue to grow as I am able to confirm my Faith and Knowledge with scripture! Have you also ever seen the cards that people have that have "The 17 Points of the True Church" on them? I got one from Elder Erikson when I was his companion and I just went through the Bible and I began to mark all of the scriptures that tell about the 17 things that the true church must have. It was super fun to do that because it just made me think, "Hey The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has all of this stuff!!!" It was really cool! So then I wanted to do more on that subject. So I went through and got into the foot notes and also just looked through the Topical Guide to find scriptures that tell of the 17 things that the true church must have in the Book of Mormon! I was able to find every single point that was in the Bible in the Book of Mormon also! That was a huge testimony builder for me!

This week we also had something kind of funny happen to us with a guy that we talked to on the street. :) We were waiting at a cross walk to cross one of the main roads and we saw this kid riding his skateboard heading right toward us. He quickly said, "Hey do you guys have some time to go over some scripture with me?" So we said, "Yeah sure." So we went over to a little shop that had some chairs and tables outside of it and he began to talk to us. I kind of figured that something was a little bit "Fishy" because not many people usually pull us aside to specifically go over scriptures with them. So then he began to ask us questions and he had scriptures from the bible that he was trying to use against us. It was super crazy that there are people who are seriously out here just to try to prove us wrong. However, one thing I talked with Elder McMichael about after that was all over is the way that he was trying to teach us. I asked Elder McMichael, "What is the difference between the way that he tried to teach us, and how we need to teach others?" The huge difference that I noticed is that we can truly TESTIFY that we know this to be true, because we have actually read the scriptures and prayed about it for ourselves! All that he was trying to do is use the scriptures against others rather than using them to bring them up and closer to our Heavenly Father. We truly need to teach with the spirit, and not with just the knowledge of man that we have! :) It was a good experience for us!
WE FOUND OUT THAT WE ARE ABLE TO SKYPE HOME ON SUNDAY FOR MOTHERS DAY!!! So now I am EXTRA excited! I will talk to you all then and thank you so much for all of the support you have for me!

Elder Wallentine

P.S. We went hiking this morning and I got a few pictures so here they are!

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