Monday, May 19, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!

That is super cool about Riley’s mission farewell!  I wish that I could have been there for his talk, but it is good to know that I am where I am supposed to be at this time just as he is! :)  It is really fun to look back and think of the things that Riley, Brenden, and myself have done in the past! We always had super fun things going on. One thing that I will always remember us doing is that we would go out into Brenden’s back yard into the canal and go ice skating and go run up and down the canals in the winter when all of the water was frozen. We always had a ton of fun together.

This week was pretty good for me and my companion! We went out and visited a lot of people and were able to get in contact with quite a few of them! We also started up something in our ward where we are going around and challenging all of the members to have someone in their homes for us to teach within 30 days! It is a super short time period, but so far the ward seems to be reacting very POSITIVELY! :) However, just like any other time something is about to happen, someone gets moved out of the area. This time it is my turn I guess... I am getting transferred out of this area on Wednesday and so Elder McMichael will be getting a new trainer for the 2nd half of his training, and I am going out to be a District Leader somewhere else in the mission. I am betting that I am going to get called to Yuma for the summer! That would be super fun even though it is just like crazy far away.

Anyway, before we got the news earlier in the week, me and my companion were inside the stake center doing Facebook and we had left the windows to the car down just a crack so that when we got in the car we wouldn’t bake. But then when we came outside to leave we saw that on the rear view mirror there was a little picture of a bear holding a CD that said, "Thanks for the CD!" I called the Zone Leaders and said, "Hey so did you guys take my CD?" They said no but that they would send out a group text to see who did. Anyway, they ended up telling us that 2 other missionaries in the Zone had taken them and so me and Elder McMichael started to plot against them in some way. We came to the conclusion that we were just going to go and find their bikes and just barely off-set the handlebars so that they wouldn’t be completely straight. That would have been so funny! :D Then when we were just about to do it, we found out that it was indeed the Zone Leaders that had taken it and so we went and squirted them with water! :) fun stuff!

Well, that is about it for this week. I will make sure to send you guys the address that I move too so that you can tell all of my friends! Oh and tell my friends back home when you see them that LETTERS SERIOUSLY MAKE THE ENTIRE WEEK AWESOME FOR A MISSIONARY!!! Oh, and if they have any extra ties laying around they can know they can send them to me! ;)

Elder Wallentine

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