Monday, May 12, 2014


Sorry I don't have too much to say this week since I told you most of the stuff yesterday on the Skype call! :) It was super fun to see all of you guys though! It is super weird however that Mothers Day is already over. That seemed to come by really really fast! But it was super fun because all of the people yesterday just seemed to be super extra happy! Which is always a good sign for missionaries!

I don't remember the name of the guy that I was on Trek. But I do still have the wrist band packed away somewhere back at the house. I made sure to keep that and make sure that it stays safe for me when I get back home. That is really cool about the people that Tyler and Emily get to be this year though! That will be a super cool experience. One thing on the Trek that really stuck out to me was the Women's pull. I just remember the leaders all telling us that we were not allowed to go out and help the girls pull the wagons up the hill. But as they started Martin, a few others, and myself started to cheer them on to get to the top. I wanted so bad just to run down and help push them up. I have kind of noticed a trait that I have in my personality recently. It never really stuck out to me but I really LOVE to help people do service projects! I hate seeing other people working on something that I could so easily be helping with, but I'm not. :)

Other than that I will continue to keep a smile on my face for the remainder of my Mission and hopefully longer! I love being out here on my mission and even though it is hard only to see all of you guys 2 times a year, it is totally worth it if I can come home a better guy that when I left! I can only go UP from here! ;D I love you guys all a ton, and make sure to keep me up to date on all the cool things that happen in the next week!

Elder Brandon Wallentine

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