Monday, December 15, 2014

That is super cool that the moms got up and told some of their missionary’s stories! :) That is a ton of missionaries out from our ward. I did not even realize that there were that many!!! 

You will also be happy to know that both of those people in Gila Bend that got interviewed for baptism got baptized this past Saturday!!! It sounded like it was an awesome experience and now those same Sister Missionaries have someone else that should be getting baptized very soon also! It is going to be an amazing next transfer! There is another area in this Zone that has always had the reputation of not teaching a ton called Ajo (Pronounced Ah-ho). The Sisters that are down there right now are doing such an amazing job at staying motivated! They just recently put the first person in a while on date for baptism for this month! It is going to be super awesome to see this guy as he is preparing for baptism! Elder May and I are taking a 2 hour drive down there to interview him on Wednesday! I am super stoked!!! Amazing things are going to be happening this transfer and I am super excited to see what all the Lord has in store for us!

Last night was transfer calls........................................... And..................................... Elder May and I are staying together for at least 6 MORE WEEKS!!! :) When President Toone called last night to let us know who all was getting transferred he only said that one person was leaving the zone. So the zone basically stayed the same! :) We were so excited and I am sure that President and Sister Toone were able to tell how excited we were due to all of the cheering in the background! :D It was super funny because when they told us that we yelled, "That is DELICIOUS!!!" Then when the phone call was about to end President Toone said, "Elder's, you are delicious as well." It was probably one of the funniest things that I have ever heard President Toone say since I have been on my mission! :) It was way funnier in the moment though since it was like 11:00pm when they ended up calling us! haha

I am super excited for this upcoming week because we have some good people that we are going to go and see! The teaching in this area has really picked up lately. Especially within the past week! Last night we had a super fun time because we are teaching 2 kids in separate households that have ADD/ADHD. They are super hard to keep focused, and they never want to sit still just like any other 10 year old kid. But we made these super fun little games that we can teach the lessons to them in a fun way that gets them moving around. We made like that fun little carnival game that you try to throw the bean bags through the holes in the board! We wrote numbers of principals for the Restoration of the Gospel on each one of the little holes and when they made one of the balls through the hole we went over one of the principals with them! It was really fun and it worked even better than what we expected!!! Then the second time we went over and taught the Plan of Salvation, but we did it using play dough! It was super fun because we got the whole family involved and we were all making little things with the play dough that resembled something in the Plan of Salvation! It was a really good experience! :D

I know that no matter what I do while I am here on my mission, nothing is going to happen without the Spirit. If I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing then it will be impossible for me to have the Spirit and to testify in the powerful way that a worthy priesthood holder could! :) I love seeing how when we do what we can, people just seem to come up and want what we have! What we have is so great, and it is the greatest gift that we could possibly give anybody this Christmas Season! I love you all tons and can’t wait to Skype with you NEXT WEEK!!! Oh and BT-Dubs... You won’t be getting an email from me until Tuesday next week because we are going to be having our Christmas Mission Conference going on! :) So don’t worry. . . I am just fine, and I am still alive!

Love you tons,
Elder Brandon Wallentine

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