Monday, December 1, 2014


Yeah, I thought that was super cool how that lady called and asked our moms what we wanted for thanksgiving! :) That lady actually ended up getting sick which was a bummer... But she was so awesome and passed down the information to the family that fed us! :) It was amazing!!! They made the sweet potato stuff with the brown sugar and marsh mallows on it! It was so good and I really enjoyed being there with that family! In the morning it was super cool because we got permission to go to our wards Turkey Bowl!!! As soon as we got the OK to go, Elder May and I thought it would be funny to go in our missionary clothes!!! We showed up in our white shirts, ties, slacks, and running shoes! :) It was the best idea that we could have possibly had for sure!!! But it got even better when we found out that the field that we were going to be playing on had been flooded by the sprinklers that morning! We were running up and down the field, falling down, and getting tagged in the mud! Our clothes got pretty dirty, but not nearly as dirty as I thought that they would! You will be happy to know that I do still know how to do laundry though, so all of the clothes are just fine, and I bleached my white shirt! :) It was so much fun! Even though I know that it would have been a ton of fun back home for thanksgiving, I think that this was the best thanksgiving that could have possibly happened on my mission. I love it!

That is super cool that you all got to get together and see each other a few times this past week! I remember when we would always have a bunch of big feasts, and a huge one with the whole family at Uncle Ben’s house! That is always one of the best parts of Thanksgiving, getting over there and hanging out with the family! I love that!!! :) 

It is really funny because we are going to a place today that reminds me so much of their house! They have a barn with pool tables and stuff in it, and then they have a volley ball court right next to it! The only difference is that they have a golf course too, so we are going to have a super fun P day today! :) I am super excited!  Oh, and also for the movie that we got to watch! We watched...... FROZEN!!! It was such a good movie! Elder May and I set up a projector in the relief society room and put the movie on in there with popcorn and stuff! It turned out super well, and it was really cool/weird to be able to watch a movie like that on my mission! The end message that we got from it though is not to get engaged right after your mission. Otherwise your fiance might just end up being the one that locks you in a room when you have just gotten hit in the heart with a thing of ice... That would for sure be no fun! :D haha It was way fun though and I love the part when the snowman is talking and he says, "Hey, I'm not sure if this helps... but, I found a staircase that goes exactly where we need to go..." It was so funny! I think he is for sure my favorite character in that movie!!! :)

That is way cool about Brenden's talk!!! He is going to be such an amazing missionary and I am so happy that he is getting out there to do work! :) I cannot wait to hear about the experiences that he has in Argentina! :) It seems like it was just yesterday that I was over at their house saying goodbye to them... but now I am more then half way done... CRAZY!!! Make sure to tell the Elwood's that I love them, and wish Brenden GOOD LUCK on his mission!!! 

Thank you for keeping me up to date on everything that is going on back home! I am really loving my missionary life out here in Maricopa right now! :) This is the place to be, and we are all so excited about the work here!!! Since Elder May and I got here we have seen such great miracles in this area! :) When we came into the area we did not even have 1 investigator, but now it is really cool because this next week we are meeting with so many awesome families! Keep me in your prayers, and specifically those families that we will be seeing this week!!! I am really excited for the miracles to come this next week!!! :)

I love you tons,
Elder Brandon Wallentine

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