Monday, April 14, 2014

Hello Everyone!!!

I miss you guys SO MUCH, but it is good to be out here doing the Lord’s work for a while so that not only do I get this experience of continuing to work hard, and work with all sorts of people, but it is really nice to also get to know God a little more. It is amazing how much you can tell that God plays such a huge role in our lives. 

This week there was something really cool that happened to us in particular. We had been teaching this really cool investigator back when I was with Elder Watters who was super interested. But then after about 2 lessons we found out that one of the other members of the family doesn't want us coming over anymore and that they are not really interested. That was super sad because the family was super cool and super open, too. 

Then we were out visiting people this week and our investigators name popped into my head randomly. One thing that I have learned so far on my mission is that when someone’s name pops in your head you better go over there as soon as you can. So we rode our bikes right over to their apartment and the door was wide open! :) I knocked on the door and someone said, "Hello?" Then I said, "Hey Hey! It’s the missionaries!" Her reply to that was "Oh come on in!" That was super surprising! So we walked in and found our investigator and the other family members were all there. We asked if there was anything that they needed help with, and they said no like most do. But we said, "Well hey, could we come by another time this week and share another one of the messages with you?" They said, "Yes! Tomorrow." So we went over there yesterday after church and had a really good discussion with them and they said that we could also come back again this next week and talk to them more! It was AWESOME! :D

It is really crazy that Elder Roberts is already over in India and that I am training again. I have only had 1 "normal transfer" my entire mission so far and all of the other ones I have ether been training, or being trained myself! Everybody knows me in the mission basically now because I have already been a trainer for 4 times now and I am only 9 months out. :) It is really cool to be able to have such a good experience so early on in my mission and I hope that I can continue to have good experiences while I am here for the 2 years! It also really helps that I have another pretty cool Trainee! His name is Elder Sean Michael McMichael ;b! Pretty funny because he is also from Idaho and he lives up in a town west of Nampa where it is apparently just complete country and he really enjoys talking about trucks, and basically anything else country! It is pretty funny.

On Wednesday we were able to go to transfer meeting and they called the entire mission there which is really out of the blue and does not happen very often at all. We were all kind of wondering what was going to be so special about this meeting and what was going to make it so different from all of the other ones that we have had so far since I have been on my mission. It was really cool though because President Toone just felt like all of us needed to get together to hear all of the training that he had for the trainers this transfer. It was a giant training meeting by President Toone which are always really good and really enjoyable to listen too! Also, another good thing about the meeting is that I was able to see Elder May, Elder Erikson, Elder Forson, and a ton of my other friends from the MTC and stuff! It is always fun for me to be able to catch up with all of those guys and see how everything is going!

Well, that is about all that I have for now other than THIS WEEK IS GOING TO BE THE BEST WEEK EVER! I have made a goal to make the district that I am serving in right now the closest district in the entire mission! My first area in the mission in Maryvale we always did fun activities whether it was basketball or hiking we always did something. So I am going to try to get an activity set up for every week on P-Day so that we are able to have fun and we are also going to be the MOST OBEDIENT missionaries in the entire mission! It is going to be way cool! We have set our goals high and we are going to hit them! :) I’m super Excited! Well I love all of you guys! 

Elder Wallentine

Oh and the picture with all of the missionaries in it that is attached is all of the mission "Posterity" (trainees) that Elder Forson and I got going!

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