Monday, February 10, 2014

Hello Everybody!!!

It is still pretty funny when we talk to people on the street because when we say that we are from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints a lot of people don't even know what that is so we have to clarify by saying that we are Mormons. Then usually they know exactly who we are, but have some false ideas floating around in their heads. :) It is really crazy to think that there are so many people that do not believe in God. I do not understand how you could not believe in God the way that the world is today. Apparently there is some weird debate going on right now with Bill Nye the science guy and some Creationist guy for some "evolution week" or something. We heard about it from one of our members this week and is sounded really strange. But it's whatever because I know that there is a God and that is what I am here to do is to help people come closer to him! :) 

Oh, and something kind of funny happened on Thursday this week! We had left a note on one of the doors of a member in the ward here named Jennifer. She gave us a call back and she wanted us to come over. So we did! We went over and talked to her for a while. Then when we were about to leave with a prayer she looked at my name tag and she said, "I used to know a Wallentine." Then I said, "Oh really what was his first name?" She said, "Dave!!!" So apparently I ran into one of Uncle David's friends from down here in Arizona! Its kind of funny how there are so many people that know someone that is in the family and how small the world really is! It was awesome!

We definitely did not get any snow here this last week nor do I expect to see snow for another 17 months.   It isn't so hard right now when it is in the 70's to not go swimming, but in the summer like right when I came out here when it was like 120, it was harder. hahaha! Good thing that I don't really have too much time to worry about that stuff because we are keeping busy enough that there isn't even any time to get distracted! :) It's Awesome! 

JB wanted me to tell you guys all thank you for raising me and making me the person that I am today! He continuously calls me and thanks me for everything that we do and for teaching him about God and stuff! It is so good to see how much the gospel has an effect on people. 

Well, thanks a ton for writing to me and keeping in touch and I am looking forward to the package from the Primary! Your AWESOME!!!

Elder Wallentine

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