Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dear Family,

Hey, so me and my companion got asked to be zone leaders on Thursday and of course we accepted.  I am learning so much about prayer and missionary work.  Every day we are studying for like 8 hours and in between we load up on food.  I am so happy that I came on a mission and I've only been gone for like 3 days.  It's an awesome feeling.  Some of the elders get mail from girlfriends already and it's funny because I am not even jealous.  The sister missionaries are all super awesome and so nice.  My teachers and branch president here are all awesome.

Thank you so much for all of the snacks! I got the package of those and also my pants and I was so excited! Every time I get a letter or package in the mail it makes my whole day better! So thank you! Make sure that you tell Ryan that I say hi.  Also, I got both of my investigators to commit to baptism this week--all in the same day! It was an awesome experience. 

My address will be changing to Arizona as of tomorrow so I won't be receiving any of the things being sent to Provo for a while. I am so happy that the MTC is not just another terrible like scout camp thing that we used to go on. It is so fun and we have all of these firesides and stuff, and on Sundays we get to watch Legacy and Character of Christ. It was amazing.

Make sure that you guys all keep me informed and post pictures on the emails of my two favorite nieces! I miss them and all of you guys a ton. Of course not enough to ever even think about coming home from my mission, but I can't wait to get home and be able to see them running around again!  My companion and roommates are amazing and I love them. It feels like we are best friends and I have only known them for two weeks. It is really weird how that worked out.

Well, I have to go do laundry so I will write you soon. I look forward to hearing from all of you.  I love you all a ton!

Elder Wallentine

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