Monday, July 22, 2013

Elder Wallentine's First Email!!!

Dear Family,

I am doing a great job at the MTC so far and it is a blast here at the West Campus. There are way less missionaries here so we only have to have four Elders in a room together and we all have a shower in our rooms. It is awesome. I really love the MTC and it has made my testimony of the gospel grow so much and it is amazing for a life experience. I love all of the Elders and Sisters here just like they were my own brothers and sisters. Hugging is really hard through since the age changed and the Sisters got even more attractive than they already were. The food here is good but every meal they have these doughnuts that are just disgusting and taste like they have been sitting out for days. They are gross. Today we went to the Main MTC for breakfast and they had a ton of good food that we don't get here. They had pancakes and bacon and eggs and it was all delicious. Tell Emily and Caleb thanks a ton for taking care of Charley and that they should only feed him crickets cuz he hasn't eaten the last two mice. I was really worried that you guys weren't mailing me back because I can't check my email everyday but when I got online I was super happy that I saw your emails. Well I will for sure write you guys more letters and the letter coming to you guys now has my address in the envelope that the MTC gave to me for my family.

Thank you so much for writing me and I look forward to hearing more. I will try to send you guys some pictures with my emails also.

Love you all,
Elder Brandon Wallentine

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