Monday, September 8, 2014


The pants that you sent me work perfectly! I got a little bit worried when they didn't have the stretchy fabric on the sides, but then I wore them the next day and they fit really good and are super comfortable so thank you so much for getting all of that figured out for me! :) That is super exciting and crazy that it was already Izzy's birthday again, I still remember getting the letter last year when you all told me that it was her birthday. It is crazy to think that I have already been out for over a year. It has gone by so fast so far, and is only speeding up now that I am a Zone Leader. 

One thing that I know I am being tested on a ton right now is my patience. :) Right now there are not many people for us to teach in our records, and the members are still trying to kinda get the hang of doing missionary work! There are a few families in the wards that are super solid, and also most of the ones that I have met so far are super nice and are willing to at least learn how to be missionaries. It is just hard to feel successful when you are working with the members and not teaching a whole lot of non-members. But, it is going to be super awesome because the way that we are going to have the best results is by getting ALL OF THE MEMBERS ON BOARD WITH US!!! It is so amazing when you get a member to contact one of their friends and then we are able to go over and teach that person with that member there also. It is such a good testimony builder to me that God has a way to touch all of the hearts of his children. It will not always be because missionaries in white shirts and black name tags come to their door and say, "Hey we felt like we should come by and share a message with you."  We literally need the members of the church or else missionary work would DIE! :D It is awesome to know that!

This week something kinda funny happened though! We went to a member's home on Saturday night and they had these remote control cars out that apparently can get up to about 40 miles per hour. They were super cool because I have never even heard of a toy that can go that fast! The member said that before we come in to talk we could each have a turn to drive them around a little bit, so of course we did! They were super fun and then they invited us in to share a little Mormon Message with them! After we shared the video we talked for a little bit and they asked us if we could stop by their neighbors! We said, "OF COURSE WE CAN!" So since it was a little bit late by the time we got out of that house we decided that we would come back the very next day on Sunday and contact all of those people. 

None of them really ended up being interested but it is always a good experience just to talk to so many different people to hear some different sides of the story. One of the guys actually came out of the house and said, "I'm not interested, GET!" That didn't go over well in my head, but all I did is ask if we can come back sometime and talk with him and his family about why families are really so important, and he said once again, "GET!" So we told him to have a good night and we went on our way. It gave us something to laugh about though for the rest of the night, until something else happened too that we laughed at for the remainder. 

We went to this member's home who hasn't been to church in a long time and talked to him at the door for a little while. He was talking with us and kind of dodging talking about church or the gospel in any way. But finally I just asked him, "Why haven't you come to church lately?" He explained to us that he hasn't come to church because he no longer believes in the Word of Wisdom. He doesn't understand why we CAN'T do things like drink, or smoke and stuff like that. Then he took it to a whole new level and told us that from the beginning of time WATER has been bad for our bodies... :P I thought that that was super lame. But although we tried to help him understand he was not ready to hear it. He rejected the invitation and we let him be on his way. Kinda a BUMMER. But it is good to know that everyone will have another chance to accept or reject this great message that we share with others all over the world. THERE ARE SO MANY OF US THAT NEED TO HEAR IT AGAIN! Those of us who have the gospel in our lives need to understand that we NEED to continue to strengthen our faith and knowledge, so that we do not end up falling away! DOUBT YOUR DOUBTS, BEFORE YOU DOUBT YOUR FAITH! I love that quote!

Anyway, thank you so much for the awesome letter and also for all of the goodies that you guys sent to me! I love you all so much! Tell Izzy HAPPY BIRTHDAY for me, and tell Collette, and Emmett hi for me too!

Love you tons,
Elder Brandon Wallentine

Oh, and here is a picture of the crazy flood that happened today! 

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